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Cops + Capes = Crap

Lair of Tess. We see her speaking at us on a computer screen on the desk. She's addressing Lex when she says that when she thought her life was over, he gave her a reason to keep going. We pan over to see that she's speaking into a mirror. "I trusted you," she says. As a fire roars in the fireplace in the background, Tess says she's done everything that Lex has asked. He's seen it with his own eyes. "And, apparently, with mine," she says ruefully. "Not anymore," she tells him. She hopes Lex watches with rapt attention as his bank accounts close and as he loses all contact with the outside world. "As your life disappears before your eyes," she says. She opens up a locket on a chain around her neck. This is seriously where I thought she was going to take something out and stab her own eyes out. Instead, she pushes a button inside the locket and jams the signal. It buzzes. "Goodbye, Lex," she says. She's crying. "SIGNAL JAMMED," a message says on the computer screen. "I loved you," she says, "you son of a bitch." Oliver enters the room and sees her in this emotional state. "Mercy!" he says. She turns away from him and wipes away her tears. Oliver sees the fireplace. He says he hopes her S'mores are worth the drive. Ooh, I'd watch it right now, Oliver. Tess says they're going to dinner. She wants to discuss a merger. Oliver, surprised, chuckles and asks what kind of merger. "Anything you want," she says, giving him a sexy look. "Don't keep me waiting," she tells him. He follows her out the door. The camera pulls back to reveal a newspaper on the desk. The A1 headline of The Daily Planet reads, "LEX LUTHOR DECLARED DEAD."

The front of Danny Boy's house, nighttime. His kid is dressed in a green hood and has a toy bow and arrow set. Danny has his arm in a sling. Suzie watches them from the porch. Clark has stopped by. "Green Arrow?" he asks. Danny says his kid is dressed as Robin Hood. His kid explained to him that people think he's a bad guy, but he's not. "Go figure," Danny says. "Must be all those bright colors," Clark tells him. Huh? What the fuck are you talking about, Clark? Clark apologizes for not telling Danny he's a reporter. Danny wants to be mad at Clark, but can't. He says Clark did what he thought was right, which is more than he can say for himself. He says he got all turned around. Clark is glad he found his way. Danny still has to go through an inquest. But he feels he's doing something his family can be proud of. Danny walks back to the porch. Clark stops him. He asks if it's hard to put his wife and kid through that every day. Danny says you can't lose sight of the people you're trying to protect. "It'd be harder not doing it," Danny says, "I do what I do... to keep them safe," he says. Clark has to really think about that. Ow. It hurts. Danny asks if Clark has somebody who makes it all worth it. Clark frowns, hard. More thinking. Dammit. Should have taken aspirin first.

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