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Cops + Capes = Crap

Isis Foundation. Chloe is inside, putting some books into her bag. We hear a whoosh and Clark enters through the front office door. He's glad he caught Chloe before she went back to Star City. Chloe says she wants to be back before Jimmy wakes up. Chloe has been helping Clark dig into the Martian Manhunter case. She found out he's been poking around in files for officers from the 44th Precinct. Even though she's standing at Lana's advanced workstation, Chloe says that being at the mercy of modern technology really sucks. She's glad to be rid of Brainiac but, she says, the evil brain implant was very convenient. Clark is just glad things are back to normal. He's wearing a red T-shirt and blue jacket just to make the point. Chloe brings up Lana's reappearance. She asks how things are going. "It's not like that... I think," Clark says. Chloe mentions the old Clark/Lana triangle and says that being the third point always hurts. Clark doesn't get it. "How about Lois?" Chloe asks. Clark looks surprised. "Yeah. It's that obvious," Chloe tells him. "Lois," Clark says, gazing at the wall, "Lois is so... " "Lois?" Chloe finishes. "Yeah!" Clark agrees. Even when she's not around, Lois finds ways to annoy me. Clark says that it's like Lana never left. He says you can't just stop loving someone just like that. "Right?" he asks Chloe. Not a good thing to ask. Chloe looks wistful. She says she understands the need for closure, but asks that Clark not slam her cousin in the door. Chloe finds something on the computer. An armor-piercing bullet that disappeared from the evidence room. Clark thinks that points to an inside job. Clark thinks it was a cop and that someone high-ranking in the force needs to know about it. Chloe doubts they'll just open up to a reporter like Clark. Clark won't let the person who did this hide behind a badge. Chloe starts typing. She says that if Clark plans to go past the thin, blue line, he needs something more than a press pass.

A sign on a chain-link fence announces the 44th Precinct Fleet Yard. A young, handsome police officer with thick blonde hair is greeted by two older, thuggish cops, who call him "Danny Boy" and ask if he's ready for his new sidekick. They tease each other about their looks, which is a little weird and vain. Yep, you can already tell these are the bad guys. Danny greets a new officer on transfer from Coast City. His name is Joe. Danny asks Joe is he's ready to save the world. He turns and we see that it's Clark, in a police uniform. Undercover! Oh, brother.

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