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Cops + Capes = Crap

Metropolis General. A doctor is telling Clark he'll let him know when Jones wakes up. The doctor says he's strong, but not out of the woods yet. Clark thanks him and they shake hands. Danny shows up. "Fordman!" he yells. He pulls Clark aside to give him a stern talking-to. He's mad that Clark was talking to his "buddy" Green Arrow and let him escape. Clark does the lame, "I don't know what you think you saw, but..." Danny has already pieced it together with Clark's weird questions about Jones and, well, his appearance at this hospital. He asks if Clark is a fed or with I.A.B. The Internet Advertising Board? You know, Clark has always seemed a bit spammy to me. Clark says he wants to take down the guy who shot Jones and that he knows it was someone on Danny's squad. Way to tip your hand, Clark. Did Lana teach you that? Clark says it's not the first time this has happened. "What about John Jones?" Clark bellows. "He was onto your little lynch mob, wasn't he?" Danny averts his eyes. Clark asks who Danny is protecting. "You don't roll over on a badge, not ever," he says. Isn't Jones a badge? They didn't just roll over on him, they shot the guy. Clark brings up that point. Danny gets defensive. He says these guys have his back. Clark says he's really got Danny's back for real and might be the only one. "This is not justice," Clark says. Danny shakes his head. He asks what one man can do. A one-man show? Off-off-Broadway? A musical about a sexy cop from a poor upbringing trying to do the right thing. Call it, David Cop-a-Feel? Clark has to think about that. He tells Danny to remember why he put on that uniform in the first place. The one he's not wearing now. Don't ask yourself why you're wearing a hoodie, Danny. No one can know the answer to that, except that it's very Boston Townie. Clark walks away, disgusted with this weak man.

Kent Farm, next morning. Over a steaming cup of coffee, Clark sits with a legal pad and some police files. Let's see... To-Do List: Comb hair (again). Re-heat coffee with eyeballs. Solve John Jones shooting. Wow, that's a full day already. Without knocking, Oliver enters the house. Did Clark not hear him coming? Oliver blabs about the cops going gangland. He throws one of his bent darts on the table, over Clark's files. Oliver says that "thug" is a really good look for Clark and his crew. Clark says they're not all bad. So far they are, it seems like. Clark says they're out there doing the same thing they are and risking their lives and families. Oliver fake-agrees, then asks how many parolees he and Clark roughed up last month. Clark says it's not a black-or-white issue. Oliver says they've gone too far. "And you never have?" Clark shoots back, raising his voice. Clark, again with the yelling, tells him that Danny watched that guy kill his partner. He asks if Oliver hasn't been tempted to kill someone for causing so much pain. Oliver turns it around and asks if Clark believes that killing is all right for the greater good. They both know that's not true. Clark says that saving someone isn't just knocking them out and throwing them in a dark room, it's helping them find their way back to the right side. Oliver says some people are too far gone for that. He hands Clark a folded-up piece of paper. The guy Jones was chasing down ended up dead. It's an autopsy photo. He ended up in the river. Oliver asks how many people have to die before Clark does something. Well, how high can Clark count? Clark says he's narrowed it down to two guys. Oliver barks at Clark, telling him to keep playing detective while he goes and makes sure they don't hurt anyone else. You don't have to yell, Ollie.

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