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Snideface: The Revenge

The bubbling fountain outside Lex's castle. Inside, Lex is having a romantic nightcap with Dropkick. He says that things were uneventful except for Clark's "migraine." The magic's gone, isn't it, Lex? Lex hands Dropkick some wine. He senses something's wrong. He asks what it is. When she says nothing, he says that they have to be completely honest with each other, and reminds her that she's always saying that. Dropkick says she found MamaKent's file in Lex's bookshelf. She says the file was from her office. Lex says he got it from a disease control agent investigating her case. She says Lex bribed someone for it. Lex goes all smooth and says the Kents are very important to him. He says he was concerned about MamaKent's health. He asks what she was looking for. "Something that was stolen from my office," she says. Lex asks whether she thinks he was involved in the break-in. "Please tell me you weren't," she says sadly. Lex looks away. He says that if she thinks he's capable of that kind of deceit, maybe she shouldn't be marrying him. He didn't really answer the question. Dropkick, resigned, says, "Maybe you're right." She puts her wine down, gets up, and leaves the room. Nice red dress. Lex puts his own wine down. He goes over to a cabinet. He pushes a secret button and makes a panel lift. It looks like pretty flimsy security. He takes out a metal box, looks over to the door, and pulls out a sealed metal vial. He opens it. It lets out some smoke. Inside is a blood sample. You bastard-in-training!

Kent Kitchen. Clark is looking at the octagon piece on the table. "I had to pry it from his hand," he said. If it's a weapon, maybe Snideface is a member of the NRA. MamaKent, sitting next to Clark, tells him it's not his fault. She says that the man tried to kill him. Bo says that even Sheriff Fresh Step agrees. So she didn't have any questions about the blown-out barn wall or the beam of electricity that set off the fireball? And who's gonna pay for all that? "What if he's right?" Clark asks bitterly. He wonders if he's a threat to mankind. MamaKent says she doesn't believe that and neither should Clark. Clark asks what it all means, then. Bo says they don't know. But when and if "The Day" comes, they know Clark will do the right thing. Rule, dude, rule! Close-up of the octagon piece on the table.

Autopsy lab. Papa Luthor is standing with a female coroner. She tells him that Snideface's body was burned beyond recognition. But they could tell it was him beause the body gives off a snide odor. The coroner shows Papa Luthor something. Snideface's charred hand is still flesh where he was holding the octagon piece. The symbols from the piece were burned into his hand. Ew. She says she's never seen anything like this. Papa Luthor rubs his beard. For a second, I think he's gonna flirt with the lady. "Send it to me," he says instead, and starts to walk out of the lab. "Send you what?" the coroner asks. Papa Luthor stops at the door and says, as if it's the most obvious thing in the world, "The hand." Magnificent!

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