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Snideface: The Revenge

Clark in the caves. He calls out for Professor Snideface. Clark finds the new and improved cave symbols. The camera revolves around Clark and reveals Papa Luthor behind him. When does this guy get any corporate work done? He shines a flashlight on his favorite farm boy. Papa Luthor goes straight to the wall and fingers the octagonal hole. He says he once had an octagonal "keepsake" in that exact shape. He says it disappeared from his office. Papa Luthor shines his flashlight right in Clark's face and says it disappeared the same day Clark rescued him and MamaKent. (Way back in better days during "Insurgence.") Clark asks what Papa Luthor is doing down there. Papa says he's taken over "conservatorship" of the caves. "Didn't Lex tell you?" he asks. Nope. Papa Luthor says Lex doesn't want to admit defeat and is still fighting him on it. Papa Luthor says that security people were looking for Dr...Dr... He makes a big show of not remembering the guy's name. Clark says that Professor Snideface was obsessed with the caves. Papa says he can understand why. He marvels at the symbols. Papa Luthor makes another show of pretending to notice that the symbols on the wall have changed into a different order. He shines the light at Clark again and asks if that isn't strange. "It's all Kawatche to me," Clark says. Clark warns Papa Luthor to be careful if he sees Snideface. Clark says he could be dangerous. Clark exits.

Bo among the cows! Feel the love. Bo says he doesn't get it. The cows have been standoffish lately, I guess. But he also doesn't get how the refined Kryptonite and the caves tie together. Clark says they have a bigger problem: Professor Snideface can read the cave language. Bo and MamaKent ask if Clark thinks Snideface knows his secret. Clark tells them that the symbols have changed in the cave. He recites: "The day is coming when the last son will begin his quest to rule the third planet." Clark gets serious. "Don't you see? I'm the last son." Maybe they meant the last episode of Son of the Beach.

Lex's office. Lex is wearing a Reservoir Dogs-style black suit, black tie, and white shirt. He closes his laptop and asks why Papa Luthor is humiliating himself like this. Lex says that Papa Luthor's not invited to the wedding. He gets up to pour himself some brown liquid from a decanter. Papa says he's not there to grovel for a place in the wedding. He's there to tell Lex that a restraining order Lex tried to get to keep Papa Luthor out of the caves has been rejected. Lex asks why Papa Luthor came over to tell him that. Papa Luthor says that Lex's renewed interest in the caves coincides with Snideface's escape. Lex averts his eyes and shows his hand. Papa Luthor says that Clark was down there, too: "Looking for your linguist." That sounds so dirty.

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