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My Super-Boring Ex-Boyfriend

Lois reaches for her cell and starts dialing. At this moment, Clark shows up in his civvies and demands to know who she's calling. "It's not important," she says, hiding the phone. Clark, panicky, knows it's the Blur, which Lois denies. "What are you even doing here?" she asks. "You told me you stopped talking to the Blur," Clark says instead of answering. I think this is the first hint of facial expression we've seen from Clark in the episode. Lois's pained silence is as good as a confession. Clark looks hurt. Hurt and assy. "All those secrets you've been keeping from me," he snots. "It's him! Isn't it?" Lois says she can't tell him anything, but Clark keeps after her. "Do you even know who you're talking to?" Lois misreads Clark's concern as jealousy. When he persists, she thinks it's about the story. "You want me to give up the Blur just to save your job!" He protests because he's trying to save her. She has too much blind faith, he says. She gets all het up because she thinks he's accusing the Blur of not trusting her enough to reveal himself. "Lois, I need you to listen to me," he says. She cuts him off: "No, Clark, I'm sure he is dying to tell me, but how could anybody who cares about me put me in that kind of position?" Clark blink-blinks. Lois goes on: "If I knew his true identity, then every lowlife with high hopes of hurting him would come after me, and he would never put me in that kind of danger just to get a secret off his back." Clark lets himself be persuaded into silence by this speech, even though, heartfelt as it is, it makes very little sense. The show just hasn't set up a situation where people "in the know" are in more danger than those who aren't, as the episode itself later inadvertently proves. Nonetheless, Clark stares helplessly as Lois storms off. Commercials.

Watchtower. Chloe's making herself a fancy coffee when Clark zooms in and whooshes the foam right out of her cup. Chloe takes one look at his mopey face and says, "I take it the search for Sacks didn't go so well." "I found Sacks," Clark says, "but I may have just lost Lois. Or at least her trust." He tells her about someone calling Lois and pretending to be the Blur. "Who would want to blur a mile in your shoes?" Chloe asks. Ugh. Clark rattles off the shortlist: Zod, Checkmate, Tess. "They've all been circling my secret," Clark says. I think they're doing more than circling, bud. Two of them actually know it. After a moment, Clark hands Chloe the phone he says he just stole from Lois. Chloe gets to work trying to trace the calls and grudgingly commends her cousin for protecting the Blur. Clark's like, "But... but... I'm the Blur!" Chloe calls it a "Kafka-esque nightmare," which, if true, would have made this whole episode much better. Clark goes on to say he almost told Lois the truth but she ended up reminding him of why he couldn't. Chloe locks onto a call that Lois is making to the "Blur's" phone right now.

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