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My Super-Boring Ex-Boyfriend

Lois is in a phone booth, explaining in a voicemail about how she lost her phone. She also tells the "Blur" that someone photographed him and is going to sell the picture to Sacks. She tells him that she's going to try to "run interference" but that he needs to show up at Sacks's party tonight to help her. Back at Watchtower, Chloe and Clark look worried. Sort of.

Lois makes her way to the back alley entrance to Maxwell's. A handful of mostly catering types mill around, making preparations. Lois spies a gigantic fake cake near the back entrance. She also spies the golden bunny costume on a rack next to it. It's surprising they don't show her pummeling some poor woman to get the costume away from her. Instead, she just sighs: "Piece of cake."

Inside the party, we have a slightly different angle on the events that took place in the teaser. Now Clark's inside, wearing a tux, while Sacks in the background is just finishing up his speech. Clark scans the room and looks constipated. His super-hearing picks up Sacks talking to the pizza boy. Before Clark can do anything (even at super-speed, it seems), the trumpets blast and Lois pops out of the cake. It's lucky for her the real bunny she replaced was her exactly size. Lois spies the pizza boy with his camera phone while Clark spies Lois in her costume. She throws a punch at Clark and follows through with a stumble, right into pizza boy. He drops his phone and she stomps on it. "Oops, sorry about your million dollars," she says. Pizza boy's like, "Now my poor old dog will never get a new liver! NOOOOOOO!" Or maybe he just pouts. [Or maybe he just points out that the Blur is standing five feet away. I guess the photo wasn't that good after all. - Zach] Sacks fumes. Clark grabs Lois and skedaddles out of there. Sacks grabs the pizza boy, telling him, "We don't need your picture; we just need you." Brutus drags pizza boy out of the party while, from a balcony railing above the party, a mystery man watches. His face is unseen but the handkerchief in his suit pocket bears an embroidered black king chess piece. Another Checkmate operative. Whoop-dee-freaking-doo.

Now we catch up to Lois and Clark after their firing as they leave the Daily Planet, arms laden with boxes full of their personal belongings. Also, I think Clark is stealing a bunch of pens from the office, unless he brought his own from home for some damn reason. The two bicker about the loss of their jobs, which Lois blames on Clark trying to expose the Blur. Clark reminds her of the whole cake-and-punch thing. "It was just a distraction," she says. "I had to do something extreme to destroy that extremely dangerous picture, no thanks to you." He tries to calm her down, but she's not having it because she's still convinced he's out to get the Blur. "I'm seeing a whole other side of you, Clark, and for the first time, I'm not a fan of the view." He frowns as she stomps off without him. She turns the corner and takes a moment to look sad. Her moment up, Brutus jumps her from behind.

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