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War Games

Checkmate castle. Waller waits in her office for the power to come back on. The door opens behind her. Without turning to see who it is, she says, "Tell me you caught them; I can't wait to see the look of defeat on their faces." A ray of light washes over the back of her head. She turns to see John Jones, the light emitting from his upraised hand. Images flash through her mind as the identities of the Watchtower gang are wiped away. When it's all over, Waller is left slumped over on a sofa, disoriented, and alone.

Metropolis, night. Tess sits at a table outside a coffee shop. After a moment, Oliver joins her. All her usual bravado gone, she's surprised he showed up. He snarks about being safe from her in such a public place, but she doesn't have a snappy comeback. Instead, she just apologizes -- for everything. Oliver doesn't accept the apology. "I told you how to shut down the castle's power grid," she says hopefully. "That's worth something, isn't it?" He's still not willing to budge, though. Eventually, Tess gets around to saying this might be the last time she sees him. "When I joined Checkmate, I took an oath. An oath I want to break," she says, "but there's only one way to leave Checkmate." She plans to go underground, but took a chance to meet him. He's still unsympathetic, though, jabbing at her for finally doing something moral for once. He demands to know what she wants from him. She wants his forgiveness. She takes his hand and asks for his help. "Please?" He thinks for a while, then talks about their past together, back when he could still trust her. "Then you betrayed me, Tess," he says. "You, of all people." She looks down. He leans forward like he's going to kiss her forehead, but he's just getting close to drive home his parting words: "If you ever come near me and my friends again, I will expose you to the world. You understand?" She nods once, almost imperceptibly. With that, he straightens up and walks away, leaving her to cry into her hands, alone. She has to be up to something, right? I mean, she was so badass with Zod last week!

Oliver, walking down the street, is met by Chloe. He lights up when he sees her. "Thanks for keeping my seat warm at Watchtower," she says, all grins. They fall into step with one another. He says, teasingly, that she shouldn't get used to it. She playfully gushes about how he flipped the power switch at just the right time. "I kind of liked being out in the field," she says, "knowing I had a warm bed to come home to." "That's very funny," he says. He takes her hand and turns her around to face him. He stops joking around. "You scared the life out of me." She smiles up at him, tells him to be careful. "Or I might start to think you're falling for me." The way he smiles back at her says he already has. This can't end well.

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