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War Games

Smallville. Clark stands in the window of his old loft. With a whoosh, John is suddenly standing behind him. "Your identity is safe for now," John says. Clark admits Waller's not wrong, judging by the future he saw where Zod started World War Three. "She was right about being prepared," he says. "You don't have to join her," John says. Clark thinks he'll eventually have to choose a side, but John protests, because he's supposed to be an "ambassador" to bridge the alien and human sides. Clark moves past issues of diplomacy and wonders why John didn't include the rest of them in whatever he was doing. "I would have told the team what was going on," John says, "but I wanted you and the rest of them to stay off Checkmate's radar." So why not tell them now? Clark reminds John he's not doing this alone: "Who are you working for?" John paces a bit. "Let's just say there are more players on the board than you might think," he says. "And when it comes to choosing sides, things aren't always black or white." Clark frowns, but doesn't press the issue. He lets a dramatic musical flourish finish out the scene for him.

Castle. Waller and Brennan are walking into her office. Waller wants a copy of Tess's last physical. Brennan asks if they'll be moving forward with the operation once the systems are up again. She doesn't answer because she's just sensed that something about the office is different. "Who's been in here?" she asks. "No one," Brennan says. But there, on the chessboard, instead of the usual black and white pieces, is a solitary red Queen. "We won't be renewing the operation," Waller says. "We've been blocked by a new player." She wipes the red Queen off the board, saying, ominously, "It's time for a new game." Dun, dun, DUN! Stay tuned next week!

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