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War Games

Somewhere on a rooftop above them, Oliver, in Green Arrow mode, catches sight of the melee in progress. A car screeches around the corner. Oliver runs along a ledge, keeping up with it from above. He jumps from one rooftop to another, his balletic leap framed against the enormous, permanently full moon. On the streets below, the car has caught up with Tess. She takes her gun from her coat and rolls across the car's hood. When the driver starts to exit, she kicks the door, smashing his head through the glass. He falls to the ground. Tess runs into an alley, climbs and flips over a chain-link fence at the same moment Oliver is tumbling to a landing above. Tess touches ground near some weedy train tracks. A van speeds into view. Tess makes a run for another fence. The driver gets out, aims a gun at her and fires off several warning shots. Tess backs down from the fence, raising her arms in surrender. The driver looks sort of like Tom Bergeron, host of Dancing With the Stars. Oliver shoots the gun out of Tom's hand. "You could use some conflict resolution," Oliver says in a digitally altered voice. Oliver chastises Tom for shooting at his "date" and for his wardrobe. "Don't get me wrong, I love black on black," he says, "it's just a really hard look to pull off." Tess, coming to his side, smirks. Oliver clearly doesn't recognize her with the wig on. Tom goes for his gun and Oliver shoots him in the shoulder with a taser arrow. He twitches and falls. As Oliver turns, Tess cold-cocks him and injects something into his arm with her needle-tipped weapon. Another man walks into the scene -- it's the guy she kicked and punched the crap out of earlier in what was now obviously part of a ruse. He covers Oliver's head with a black bag. "Checkmate," Tess says with a smile. Somebody save Oliver! Or at least get that bag off his pretty face.

Watchtower. Chloe's frowning at a computer monitor full of static. In fact, all the monitors around the Watchtower seem to be on the blink. She types something at her keyboard, but nothing happens. Clark super-zips into the room behind her. "Did you try the power switch?" he asks. The monitors are on, doofus. "Didn't you get my texts?" Chloe asks, ignoring his attempt at tech support. She says she lost Oliver as he was tracking armed men near the monorail. "No radio, no beacon, no nothing," she says, her tone increasingly panicked. Clark tries to reassure her that things are fine, and that it's nothing to worry about if Oliver doesn't check in. Chloe points out that, unlike Clark, Oliver follows protocol. Clark has no idea there is a protocol, which is sort of Chloe's point exactly. Everyone checks in with Watchtower, except Clark. Clark thinks about that for a second then sidesteps the issue and asks if Chloe checked nearby security footage. Chloe says every camera in the area went out. Just then, the static on the monitors gives way to video feeds. Chloe clicks on the feed of the monorail where Oliver disappeared. John Jones is crouched near the tracks, looking at something on the ground. "Well, your buddy system works," Clark says. Chloe frowns. "I didn't call him." While Chloe watches the monitor, Clark whooshes out of Watchtower and appears a moment later in the video feed beside John.

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