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War Games

Back from the break, Clark has decided to go up to the lab to see what's on the slab. Sadly, it's just Edward Lott's corpse. In a tray beside the body, there's an evidence bag containing Lott's wallet and a white Knight chess piece. For some unfathomable reason, this makes Clark mutter Tess's name. I'd like to think it's some superhuman power of deduction, but the hamster that runs the wheel in his brain probably went, "Chess... Tess... [i]They rhyme[/i]!" He super-zips across town and into Tess's office at the Daily Planet. There's a chessboard set up on her desk, with a white Knight missing. Seems like the piece should be missing from Waller's board, since she's the one who set everything up, but whatever. Oh, and Clark has Lott's chess piece in his hand. Way to steal evidence, Super Doofus. Clark looks peeved. He X-rays the room and sees the hidden arsenal behind the walls. I wonder how you find a contractor for that kind of remodeling job? How would that be listed in the phone book? The angry elephant trumpets its displeasure. Clark zips away.

Checkmate castle. John Jones enters a room where the alien blood sample is being held in a display case. Around that is a sort of cage with windows. On the walls hang blowup pictures of the alien blood cells. John paces around the cage a bit, studying it. Waller enters the room behind him. "Thank you for coming, Detective Jones." He's surprised she knows who he is. They circle around each other, sizing each other up. Waller hints that someone else enlisted John before she had the chance. John says nothing. Waller thinks it's "somebody with a very high level of intel." I sort of dread what the show's going to pull out of left field for the eventual reveal, but for now it's intriguing. Still, John doesn't reply. Waller gestures to the cage. "You came for what's in there, didn't you?" Ya think? "That doesn't belong to you," John says. Waller speaks ominously of the alien threat it represents. John tries to sell her on the whole "make love, not war!" concept, but she ain't buying. She pushes a button a remote and a ring of fire goes up around him, trapping him inside his own worst fear. No offense, Waller, but you suck at getting people on your side.

Hospital. Chloe is standing out in the open, looking through a set of files. Girl, you need to be sneakier when you do that kind of thing. A doctor walking out of an elevator sees her. "Excuse me, those are my charts," he says. She hands them back to him and calls him "Dr. Brennan." He was the doctor who evaluated "special" patients who were on their way to Belle Reve. The only thing is, none of them made it to Belle Reve. The doctor walks away from her, unwilling to discuss the issue. She mentions Cameron "Icicle" Mahkent, but Brennan tells her to take it up with Belle Reve. Except, as Chloe says, they never made it there. Brennan threatens to call security, so Chloe backs off slightly. When Brennan goes to his laptop set up at the nurse's station, Chloe remotely downloads his files with her phone. Brennan's laptop beeps to warn him that security has been breached. Instead of getting pissed, he apologizes and offers to walk Chloe down to the archives himself. As they walk away together, the camera focuses on a chessboard set up beside Brennan's computer. He takes a piece off the board. A pawn, maybe? The ominous music doesn't bode well for Chloe.

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