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War Games

Luthor mansion. As the shareholders file into the dining room, Tess pulls Oliver into her bedroom. "The only way you're getting me back in here is by force," he says. She throws a candlestick at him and tells him not to flatter himself. "The best thing I ever did in this bed was kick you out of it." Somehow I find that hard to believe. He snarks that that's one thing out of her mouth he can actually believe. Tess crosses her arms. She can't believe he's been the Green Arrow all along. Furthermore, she can't believe he wears tights. "They're not tights," he says pissily. He takes a step toward her. She grabs a knife from her nightstand. Oliver simultaneously grabs the nearest weapon he can find, which is a puny letter opener. Heh. He lowers his outclassed weapon and reiterates, "They're not tights." "They look like tights," Tess says, circling around him. They bitch and moan at each other for a bit until Tess hurls the knife at him. Oliver shields himself with a nearby book, stunned when the knife-point lands squarely in the cover, just inches from his face. He seems genuinely surprised that she was aiming to kill. He advances on her, but Clark whooshes into the room and commands them to stop. Oliver tells him that Tess is working for Checkmate and knows his identity. Clark wants information from Tess, but she balks. "Maybe the view will change your mind," he says. He grabs her at super-speed and almost instantly they're standing on top of a building in Metropolis. He dangles her near the edge of the roof. She begs to be let down and he pulls her away from the ledge. He demands she tell him about Checkmate. She was recruited by Waller a month after she started working for LuthorCorp. Waller wanted to know about Lex's alien investigations. "At first, I thought she was crazy," Tess says. "But then Lex's files changed your mind," Clark surmises. Tess promises she never told Waller about the Kryptonians or about Clark. She sounds terrified, but Clark shoves her up against a wall. "I wouldn't believe your dying breath," he says, all up in her face. Tess cries. It comes out that it was "something they call Watchtower" that was the real target, not Oliver. Clark looks scared.

At that moment, Chloe is being forcibly marched into a room at the Checkmate castle by three armed men dressed in black. She's handcuffed and a black cloth bag covers her head. The men push her to her knees and pull off the bag. Gagged, she looks around in terror, panting for breath. Commercials!

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