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There Is No Spoon
nto view. It looks like a hangar. Several more chambers like Oliver's are set up, each connected to an assortment of computers. At least two guards lie (most likely dead) on the floor. Rick Flag walks in with Deadshot in tow. Flag utters the single worst line ever spoken on this show: "Keep your shirt on, Queen." Horrible! He says there's work to do. Oliver steps between Flag and Chloe. Both Flag and Deadshot pull their guns. "Stand down," Chloe barks at them. "It's OK, Chloe," Oliver says. "I got these ladies." Over Oliver's shoulder, Chloe ever so slightly raises her brows. The guns are put away. It dawns on Oliver that it wasn't his manly bravado that cowed these fellows. He turns to Chloe: "You're working with them?" "I can explain later," she says. "I did what I had to do."

That must have satisfied him for the time being, because after a quick word from our sponsors, everyone seems to be working together quite peaceably. Flag, who apparently never changes clothes, brings Oliver and the viewers up to date. The VRA doesn't know yet that they've taken over the facility (their security is as shitty as everyone else's on this show) but they'll be coming. Deadshot is on duty on the east side of the perimeter. Flag wants Oliver to cover the north. Oliver seems amenable. "What exactly are we up against here?" he asks. Shouldn't you know by now? You've been kidnapped by them twice. Flag says the VRA ops are highly-trained lethal killers. "Video cameras picked them up four klicks away," he says. They don't have long. Chloe goes back into the virtual world to get the others out.

Her avatar materializes in the all-purpose dark alleyway that this show seems so fond of. She sets her watch for six minutes. Dinah pops up behind her and gives her a shove. "Go to an alley, you'll find a rat," she says. Chloe's like, "We don't have time for this shit!" But she says it more like, "Canary, you're caught in a virtual cage and you don't even know it." Chloe sighs. "But I can help you fly the coop -- you just have to meet me on the top of the Daily Planet." Dinah is not won over by these crappy metaphors. She demands the return of her powers. Chloe tells her she never lost her powers, but Dinah's not buying that, either. She calls Chloe a traitor and moves to grab her, but Chloe does a neat little backflip off the wall, vaults over Dinah and lands on her feet. The two of them circle around each other. Dinah tries a few karate chops, but Chloe deflects every move without effort. Chloe sweeps the leg and Dinah goes down. She jumps to her feet and pops her double-ended blade out from the top of her boot. Again, Chloe evades every move. The whole time, her expression shows just how over it she is. Dinah goes cartwheeling down the alley, whips out another knife and hurls it at Chloe. The knife stops inches from Chloe's unflinching face, just hanging there. Chloe plucks the knife from midair while Dinah gapes. Chloe sighs. "I told you, Dorothy, this is all a dream," she says. "Now, before I send you back to Kansas, I need to know one thing: where's Lois?"

Back in the real world, the VRA ops are mobilizing. Lieutenant Trotter is in one of the cars, sneering with disdain as she orders her men to move in. At the same time, Dinah is waking up in her lab tube. Her hair looks better now than it did in the virtual world. Being unconscious did wonders for her style. Dressed up in his greens, Oliver is waiting for her. "This canary's gonna have to eat some crow," she says. Ugh. Flag reminds them that the VRA ops are closing in. Dinah apologizes to Chloe for not believing her. Chloe: "What happens in cyberspace stays in cyberspace." Ugh, again! Chloe asks them to hold off the VRA as long as possible, otherwise she won't be able to get Clark out. She's sad that Clark doesn't seem to trust her anymore. Oliver says it's because she left them, but he sounds more matter-of-fact than snotty. Still, she looks hurt. "Just keep trying," he says gently. She lets us know there are only 17 minutes left in the episode.

In the virtual world, Clark is wandering around the virtual streets of virtual Metropolis. He finds Lois outside the DP building and follows her inside. He's worried because he's starting to go nuts like Oliver. "We need to find out how Chloe's working with them," he says. "Get my powers back so we can stop them." Lois, who has since talked to Chloe off-screen, tries to calm him down, but Clark is feeling stubborn. He tells her he saw Chloe and Oliver jump off the building. Lois tells him that's how they escaped the fake world they're in, but Clark seems to prefer thinking he's losing his mind. He thinks they're all suffering from PTSD. Lois reminds him of all he and Chloe have been through: "You've battled Luthors, you fought with demons from outer space and you've battled supernatural hexes together." She thinks there's more going on here, so Clark admits he just doesn't know Chloe anymore. "I don't know who she's working for," he says. "I don't know what she wants!" "Because she left?" Lois prompts. "Because she didn't say why," he says. These would have been some nice character insights to have during the first half of the season, don't you think? He's seemed totally fine with Chloe leaving until they needed a dramatic conflict in this episode. Clark is hurt that Chloe didn't believe in them enough to confide in him. He busies himself with things on his desk, not looking at Lois. Lois gently tries to steer him onto a path of self-realization, telling him it's hard to trust someone who has secrets. Clark doesn't say anything. Lois gives him another nudge, reminding him that sometimes people keep secrets to protect those they care about. Clark gets it. Chloe and Lois trusted him when they knew he had secrets, now it's time to trust Chloe. Lois wants him to listen to his heart, but he still looks doubtful and sad.

In the real world, Trotter sneaks up on Chloe as she tappa-taps at the computer and whacks her in the head with the butt of her gun. Chloe goes down. Trotter sneers disdainfully, as is her wont. The other VRA ops join her. One of them takes Chloe's place at the computer. "Make sure Kent never makes it out of there," she says. "Do whatever it takes to stop him." She tells him to use Chloe's avatar. We cut to Virtual Chloe as she's crossing the street. Suddenly she staggers and frowns as if in pain. A moment later, a look of evil determination comes over her face.

She finds Lois and Clark waiting for her in the DP basement and acts like they're talking crazy talk when they express their readiness to jump off the roof. She says they're delusional, suicidal. Lois somehow realizes this isn't real Chloe (or even Virtual Real Chloe) and backhands her into the next room. Lois drags a bewildered Clark into the elevator.

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