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There Is No Spoon

Back in the real world, the VRA ops are marching a blindfolded Chloe into the wintry dead of night. A hail of gunfire blows out all the windows on the VRA vans. Rick Flag advances on them, firing until his gun empties. He whips out two more guns and keeps firing. The "highly-trained lethal killers" don't get a shot in, despite the fact that Flag is completely out in the open and wearing a pretty bright orange shirt, to boot. Trotter orders Chloe killed. One of the ops shoves her to the ground. She rolls to her feet and pulls down her blindfold. From some distance away, Deadshot takes aim and fires two shots that swerve around Chloe and take out her would-be killers. Another op moves to grab her. An arrow slices through the air, blocking his path. Oliver beats him down, earning an appreciative smile from Chloe. Trotter goes after Dinah, who employs some fancy gymnastics to avoid being shot. Trotter's gun clicks empty. Dinah, who has found the time to paint on her mask, blasts Trotter with her "Canary Cry," blowing the woman off her feet and into a nearby fence. Heroic music plays as Dinah, Deadshot, Flag, Chloe and Oliver meet up. I'm liking this team. They should come up with a snappy name.

As is always the case in the real world of Smallville, the moon over virtual Metropolis is full. Clark and Lois step out onto the DP rooftop to find Chloe waiting for them. She tries to instill doubt into this newly determined Clark, telling him that he's the most reluctant of all the heroes to accept his "abnormalities." She says if he jumps and doesn't 100% believe in it, he'll die. Another Chloe pops up, and then another... and another. Suddenly there are about eight Chloes on the rooftop. Clark finds himself filled with doubt again. "Don't listen to it, Clark," Lois says, coming to his side. She gives him a heartfelt speech about trusting himself, like how he trusted himself to tell her his secret. He looks uncertain. Oh my God, just bounce a ball off the rooftop ledge and shout "Get it, boy!" "I believe in you," Lois says. That seems to give him the push that he needs. With a little smile, he takes her in his arms, crouches down and draws on the surrounding energy to propel them both into the sky. The force of their blastoff knocks all the Chloes down like little blond bowling pins. Clark and Lois zoom across the sky, flying past the golden orb atop the Daily Planet building. Majestic music plays. They smile at each other. It really is a neat moment, although I can't help but think they really need to hurry their damn selves along. Time is of the essence, kiddos! They fly a little more and then rocket toward the portal, vanishing in crackling light before they can hit the ground.

Kent Farm. It's sunny and the cows (the cows!) are mooing. Inside, Chloe's in the living room, looking at a framed photo of her with Clark and Pete. It's from the first season of the show and they all look like babies. Seriously. I remember thinking back then how Tom Welling looked much too old to play a kid, but now I think his first-season self looks like he just plopped out of the womb. Chloe next looks at a picture of Clark and Lois at this season's homecoming episode. I think she, too, is marveling at the age difference. Clark walks in from the kitchen. "It wasn't the same without you," he says. "I can't believe it's been five years already," she says. It's been ten years! TEN! Oh man, am I suffering from PTSD now? Oh, she means since they graduated high school. All right, then. Chloe's sad about how much she's missed out on, but Clark reminds her she was able to save them. If she'd been there, Trotter would have captured her, too. Chloe credits the Fate helmet for warning her. Clark's a little uneasy about working with the Suicide Squad. Chloe tells him that "every Frankenstein has a human heart." But just in case relying on decent human nature didn't pan out, she also destroyed Rick Flag's secret missile system. "I gave him a choice: I could either report them to the government, or they could report to me." That... doesn't seem like the best plan in the world. But Clark seems sort of impressed. He can't believe this is the same girl in that high school picture. Speaking of high school... Clark almost shyly asks how she managed to trust him back then, before he told her the truth. They have a nice little talk about trust and secrets and how lies are sometimes for protecting people. He regards her with respect and understanding. "You never gave up," he says. "And I never will," she tells him.

At this point, Lois walks in through the kitchen door, arms laden with groceries. She has good news: Tess just texted her that Trotter and her men are "enjoying a taste of their own virtual venom." Does that mean they're hooked up to those computers? Chloe is pleased that Trotter won't be able to tell the world Clark's secret anytime soon. Yeah, but... what's keeping Slade Wilson from blabbing? Or any of the other VRA ops who didn't happen to be at the raid? There are only five minutes left in the episode, so we're probably not supposed to worry about these things. Clark seems glad, too. Lois takes the rare opportunity of their togetherness to ask Chloe to be her maid of honor. Chloe practically explodes with sunshine and smiles as she throws her arms around her cousin's neck. So that's a "yes," it seems. Clark watches the ladies hug, giving them a goofy grin like, "Those crazy ladies of mine!"

Watchtower. Oliver is wearing a nice suit and holding a gigantic bouquet of red roses. Seriously, even his impressive biceps must be straining under its weight. He's alone and deep in thought when the door opens behind him and Chloe enters, wearing what I thought at first was a long black dress. They are, in fact, long flowing pants with a sparkly halter top. Oliver, suddenly a bit awkward, gives her the roses. Now that they're back in the real world, they have to deal with real things. "I just stopped looking for you," he blurts out. "I figured that's what you wanted, right?" Chloe can't look at him for a few seconds. She puts the roses down, lest she herniate herself. "You have no idea how much it means that you trusted me," she says. There is a distance between them, literal and otherwise. They have to feel their way around it, testing it like a wound for tenderness. He's hurt that she didn't at least call. She says the Fate helmet warned her to stay away. She takes a step toward him, but he doesn't move. "Did the helmet say anything about how I'd be sitting alone, listening to old voice mails just to hear your voice?" He says he looked at every stranger's face, hoping to see her smile. Chloe's eyes fill with tears. She says she figured it out without the helmet. She takes another step toward him. She says she didn't trust herself to reach out to him. If she saw him again, she wouldn't be able to leave when she needed to. She's dreamed about coming back to him, every day. She takes a final step toward him, eyes pleading with his. "You sticking around for a while?" he asks. "Yeah," she says. There's a long moment when things could go either way. He could let the moment pass and walk away, or close that last little bit of distance. Finally, he smiles and says, "Good." He takes the last step and pulls her into his arms. They kiss and kiss in the middle of the shuttered Watchtower. If they had dinner reservations, they're probably going to be late.

Kent Farm. In the loft, Clark thumbs through Carter's journal. There's an old picture of him in expedition gear. Lois cheerfully pops up to tell Clark she's picked out the flowers and bridesmaid dresses. She sees the book and tells Clark that Carter would be proud of him. He says he's been thinking about Carter, and also about what Lois said in the virtual world. "You made me believe," he says. "And you got me to fly... even if it was just in cyberspace." They kiss and reminisce about the flight. Clark teases her (and us) with the possibility of a flight in the real world. "I've al

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