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Club Dead

We cut back to the locker room, where the alarm goes off again. Ashley grabs her gun. She and the scuzzy guard go running to help.

Back in the arena, the flunky computer guy sees Maddox lying on the ground, equipment stacked on top of him. He looks pretty dead. "Show's over!" the flunky yells. Ya think? The arena girls scatter.

Back in the ring, Clark turns to Lois. He tells her to run. Clark turns back, in slow motion, in time to see Kane rear back and deliver a bruising uppercut. The punch creates a cool sonic wave, and sends Clark flying. Blood from his mouth splatters the camera. Clark flies against the fence (a simple chain link fence can support his body?) and lands hard on the floor. Lois is finally scared.

Hallway. We replay the scene where the flunky tells Ashley that Maddox is dead.

Kane goes to Clark to do a finishing move. Lois hops on Kane's back and starts banging on his chest. For some reason, Kane isn't able just to flick her off like a big-boobed gnat. He has to forcefully spin around to send her flying. Lois doesn't even hit anything, but she immediately and conveniently falls unconscious. That's the only real lame part of the fight. Clark is standing. "Leave her alone!" he barks to Kane. As a shower of sparks shoots up behind him, Kane says that the human means nothing to him. He prefers four-breasted space hos. Kane says that Clark is the fight he's been hoping for. Clark's lip is all bloody. Shouldn't he already be healing? Clark says that Kane doesn't belong there. He belongs on the Friday-night wrestling show! Kane says that Clark is the one who doesn't belong. Snappy comeback. That's what they teach you in wrestler acting school. Clark dives at Kane, and they fly back onto a column, which breaks and falls.

Cut to the scene where Ashley runs away. Nice knowing ya, sister.

Back to the part of the fight where Kane is punching Clark about the face. Clark blocks a punch and hits Kane back. Kane uppercuts Clark again, and he flies at the camera like just before the opening credits. Kane follows him. He's got a nasty gash on the side of his head. Clark is on the floor, in pain. Kane picks Clark up and jams him against a wall. He starts punching Clark hard in slow, jittery motion. It looks very painful. One punch! Two punches! Three! Three punches! Ah ah ah ah ah! Clark ducks, and a punch finally misses. Kane hits the wall with his fist. He catches Clark with a backward elbow. Then he picks Clark up and body-slams him. Clark rolls. Kane lifts up his arm and lets out his steel spike from above his hand. Clark, more bloodied and on his knees, looks up. "Time to die, Kryptonian," says Kane. He tries to stab Clark with the spike. Clark grabs it with both hands just before it goes into his forehead. They push against each other. Clark is able to turn the spike around. He punches Kane, sending him rolling back. Clark stands. "My turn," he says in a low, sexy voice. For once, I'm rooting for Clark! Clark jumps into the air and comes down with a hammer fist! Yes! Brutal! Clark punches Kane again. Kane struggles on the ground. Clark kicks him in the gut. Kane manages to stand, wearily. He tries to swing his spike at Clark. Clark catches it easily, and then smacks Kane back. Clark head-butts him. Smacks him in the face. Everything goes slow-motion. Clark slyly smiles as Kane tries to rear back and make one last spike swing. Clark ducks. He spins and delivers a devastating dragon punch. Hadoken! That was downright fierce! Sonic boom! Kane goes flying. The camera, awesomely, stays on his face as he flies. He lands, really, really hard, face-down into the concrete. No imprint, though. Kane slowly stands. He turns. The steel spike is deep in the middle of his chest. He smiles: "Good fight." Then he falls. That was cool! Fatality! Clark wins. Clark notices Lois lying face-down nearby. He goes to help her. Sparks keep flashing. We pull back from the broken arena. Triumphant music swells.

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