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Club Dead

Daily Planet. No establishing shot. As they walk through some double doors, Chloe is telling Clark that she tracked down their "Vince McMahon wannabe." She's found a guy who works at Belle Reve, named Richter Maddox. Fakest. Name. Ever. Why not just call him Cock Masterson? She shows Clark a picture of the dude, who has a weird Fu Manchu goatee that would never allow him to work as a hospital administrator. But he does have those scary severe glasses and his hair pulled back. Clark asks how this guy is keeping Kane in the facility. Chloe says that he's not a patient there, so he must be freelancing in the fight club. Clark thinks that since they're using outside talent in the ring, he can find a way in. Chloe reminds Clark that they're broadcasting this stuff live, and that his powers could be exposed. "I don't have a choice, Chloe!" says Clark. Dude. You have tons of choices. Get Oliver to help you out. Tear down their server cables. Heat-vision somebody. I hate it when someone with Clark's limitless abilities only sees one way to solve a problem. Dumb-ass. Chloe reminds Clark that this guy could kill him. "Not if I kill him first," says Clark, all mercenary. Nice attitude, not-so-Superman. Chloe squints a little. Did he just really say that? Maybe they've got some openings on Friday Night Lights, because this shit sucks. Dramatic noises end the scene.

Lair of Lex. Lex, Dell laptop open, is telling someone to keep him updated on their progress. He tells "Bartlett" (who has no decent quotations in this episode) that he has full discretion. "Make it happen," Lex tells him. Follow your dreams! Be the next American Idol! Lex looks on his computer, and it doesn't take him long to get frustrated. It says that there are security compromises of confidential material: "Corto Maltese -- Compromised." We cut to a lame video of Oliver, in Green Arrow garb, taking out a security camera with an arrow. The screen goes to static. Lex closes the laptop in frustration. He looks at his watch. Time to go fire somebody. Lex goes to Lana's room, but she's not in bed. He calls her name. "Lex!" she says weakly. She's lying on the floor between the bedroom and bathroom, curled up and clutching her stomach. It looks like there's blood around her head on the floor. Lex goes to her. She's gasping and grunting, and says that there's something wrong. Then she passes out. "Lana," Lex says worriedly. "Somebody help me!" he yells. "Someone!" The camera pulls back into the bedroom.

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