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A Meteor Sandwich

Space. The meteors are still coming.

Lex's estate. A helicopter is landing. Lex yells, "I'll meet you in Metropolis!" as he walks with Lana. "You're not coming?" she asks. Lex says he has a pressing matter. He tells Lana, "For your own safety...I need that stone." Lex says it's too dangerous for her. "I don't have it," she says. "Lies don't become you," he says. Lana tells him that the stone is safe. She promises. "Where is it!?" Lex screams. He grabs her purse and begins to dig through it. "This was never about my safety, was it?" she asks. Lana figures out that it was about Lex getting his hands on the stones. You should have seen what he did to the Lucky Charms leprechaun. Lex stops and looks pretty defeated. He gives her back her purse. Then he grabs her head on both sides of her face. She grimaces. "Lana," he says, "your safety is more important than any of this." Lex tells her she means a lot more to him than she knows. Lana doesn't seem quite sure whether she should believe him. The helicopter pilot says it's time for them to go. Lex reluctantly lets Lana go. He walks away from the helicopter, looking at odds with himself. Lana stares after Lex as the craft takes off. We get a helicopter view of Lex, alone on the landing grass.

Lex's study. Chloe walks in, calling for Lana. She finds the room in disarray and sees Clark on the floor. Chloe goes to help. Clark's got the artifact in his hand. Chloe notices the green glow and figures it must be hurting Clark, so she drags him away from the safe. The Chinese statue's eyes fade from their bright green glow. Lex walks in to find his shelves messed up and Chloe nearby. We hear Clark whoosh out of the room, but don't see him. Chloe says she was looking for Lana. "She's already left. What happened?" Lex asks. Chloe says she just walked in. Lex sees that the artifact is missing. Couldn't he have hidden it better in the safe? Lex says Chloe knows more than she's saying: "Who did this?" Chloe says she just came for Lana. Lex slams his hands on both sides of the safe doorway. Lex says that Chloe's curiosity seems to always get her in precarious positions. He spins on her and grabs her by the arms, pushing her back. He tells her she's on a narrow ledge with only one way back. "Now, who took the element?" he yells. Chloe swears she doesn't know. "Gah!" Lex yells, pushing her aside. Chloe suggests that they get out of town. Lex says he's finding that stone even if he has to dodge a few meteors. "You're coming with me," he says, and grabs her by the arm. They leave the room, still playing Good Chloe/Bad Lex.

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