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A Meteor Sandwich

Countdown. One minute twenty-five seconds.

Jason the gunman. He tells Bo to talk or he'll blow MamaKent's brains out. Bo tells MamaKent to go ahead and tell Jason where the stones are. MamaKent starts to tell Jason to go up to Clark's room. Bo gets up in his attached chair and bum-rushes Jason. Jason slams into a post and drops his gun. Bo's chair breaks. He tries to untie himself while Jason, on the floor, reaches for the gun. MamaKent stomps on Jason's hand. He manages to flip MamaKent by pulling on the leg of her jeans. She kicks Jason. They struggle with the shotgun. He gets it and chokes her with it. Bo Duke gets up and turns Jason around, and then punches him. The shotgun goes off. Bo uses the rope around his wrists to start choking Jason from behind. Jason smashes a milk bottle on Bo's big head. More struggling. Jason grabs the gun and clocks Bo with it. They both fall. Jason -- just a little more beat-up now -- cocks the gun and aims it at the Kents again. He notices a rumbling. Everyone looks up.

A meteor is heading right for the Kent home. It smashes right through the ceiling.

Country road. A meteor hits near a gas truck, which catches fire. It takes forever for the driver to jump out and for the truck to explode, but fuck it, it was an expensive shot.

High school. A meteor smashes right through the Smallville High sign out front. Hello, summer! Cars in the parking lot are smashed up.

Evacuation area. Army dude says, "My God." Meteors are smashing everything up. People run. Somehow a meteor causes Army guy to get thrown up into the air. People panic.

One guy is looking for his son, Henry. Cute little Henry is running along by himself. His dad is freaking out. Henry picks up a discarded toy truck as meteors crash all around him. One is headed right for him. Clark superzips into the scene and pulls the kid away. Clark covers him as the meteor smashes around them. Clark picks up the boy. "You're not my daddy!" the kid says. The father comes over and gets the boy. "Go!" Clark yells. "Thank you! Thank you!" the man says. So is this Clark's official outing?

The most nimble helicopter in history. Even Da Vinci is like, "Fuck, that ROCKS!" The helicopter is dodging all kinds of crazy meteor trajectories. Inside, Lana is freaking out. Meteors are falling everywhere. One of them clips the tail off the helicopter. It begins to spin and dive. Except for the helicopter being all agile, this is a very well-done set of scenes. The helicopter crashes into the ground. Debris!

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