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A Meteor Sandwich

The moon! Where da cheese at? Meteor rocks are sailing past. A few hit the surface. We see the Earth off in the distance.

Cut to the satellite bases from the movie Contact A dude with dreads and glasses is reading Adbusters magazine. He notices an alarm on the radar. He calls his boss over to look. The radar geek says that the stones just came out of nowhere. The boss touches him inappropriately on the shoulder. There's a loud alarm. "My God. It's headed straight for earth," the boss says. Cut to the 24 numbers. Nine hours and counting.

Commercials. The iPod Shuffle apparently turns your body into linguine.

Kent Farm. The cows will soon be graduating from Bovine University! Inside, Clark still hasn't learned how to tie a tie. He struggles with one in the Barnness of Getdresseditude. Lois offers to help, ragging on Clark's hand-eye coordination. Instead of doing it the sexy way, tying it on him by pressing her chest against his back and reaching around his sides, she takes it off and puts it on her own neck. Clark says he's not sure what he'll do without her. Lois rags on Clark, saying he'll probably go to community college, major in agriculture and minor in law enforcement, pop out some kids with Lana after a church wedding. She says he'll join a bowling league and have "Little Clark Jr." Meanwhile, Lois will be a crack whore with a minor in sarcastic police mugshots. Clark says she's hallucinating. That would explain a lot. Lois says that hallucinating would be imagining Clark going to the big city to make his mark on the world. She ties the tie on Clark. He asks her about her plans. Lois says she will go and make it in the real world. She read in a magazine test that her perfect career would be radio disc jockey. Clark says it makes sense because she talks so much there'd be no dead air. Like the dead air right here, just now? Lois makes a face. Clark suggests journalism. He says she wrote a few decent articles for The Torch. "Kill me first," Lois says. She complains about her own spelling, says she'd never want to be stuck in a newsroom, and snarks that she'd probably end up sitting across from "the most bumbling reporter on the masthead." Uh, Lois, they don’t put reporters on the masthead. Clark adjusts his tie, crookedly. "Know what?" she says. "You actually look handsome for a change." Lois tries to smooth over their differences, starting with his tie. Clark apologizes for not being a better host. Lois says that she'll be the one cheering for him at graduation, praying that he won't trip. "See ya," she says, and leaves. Clark smiles.

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