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A Meteor Sandwich

Kent Farm. The cows prepare to become flattened sirloin. Clark comes home as MamaKent and Bo are getting stuff together and asking where he's been. Weren't you just with him at the graduation? He didn't mention taking off? Clark says he's been looking for Lana, but can't find her. Bo asks Clark to pack his things from his room. Clark says he has to do something first. This is no time to re-hide your porn stash, Clark. You should have gotten a Porn Buddy when you had the chance. MamaKent senses that Clark is troubled; she makes sure he knows this isn't his fault. Clark thinks the meteor shower is coming to town for him. Smart theory, that. Bo says there's nothing Clark could do. MamaKent assures him that he doesn't have any time. "I don't have a choice," Clark says seriously.

Oh yeah. Meteors. In space. Headed toward earth. 24 countdown says: 02:21:02.00.

Instead of cutting to commercials, we go to Clark in the barn. He pulls out his old buddy, Mr. Hexagonal Disc. Hey, boys and girls! Remember me? Discy McPlotpoint? Lex is there, too, having eluded Clark's superhearing. "What are you doing here?" Clark asks as he tries to slip the hexagon into his pocket. Oh, put it somewhere that Lex hasn't been. Couldn't he hide the thing in superspeed? Lex offers Clark and his parents safe passage on his LuthorCorp jet. Go, go, go! He says that the roads are getting pretty ugly. One of them is wearing a muumuu. Clark says thanks but no thanks. He thinks they'll be all right. Lex glances at Clark's crotch. Is that a hexagon in your pocket, Clark, or did you get a massive piercing? Clark tries to hide his artifact boner. It's the Gayest Look of the Episode. Lex asks why Clark is taking the risk. He says that Clark and his family should get out of there. Clark says that Bo is trying to load up the truck with as much as they can take. Lex says he understands: "Some things simply can't be replaced." Lex shifts gears (or does he?) to tell Clark that his scientists have discovered a wall and secret room inside the Caves of Contrivance. "Really?" Clark asks. Lex asks if Clark found anything similar. Clark lies and says no. He asks why Lex is interested in the caves all of a sudden when there's a natural disaster on the way. Lex says that the caves are irreplaceable. Clark nods. Lex starts to talk, but Clark rudely interrupts him, all, let's hope they're not destroyed, and says he has to help his parents get going. He wishes Lex luck. Lex says he doesn't believe in luck (even though he's wished it on others before). He says it's our wits and fortitude that keep us safe. He tells Clark that he's got more than enough of both. Uh, wits? Really? "Stay safe," he tells Clark as he exits. Lingering close-up on Clark as Lex descends the stairs in the background. Ah. Symbolism.

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