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A Meteor Sandwich

Clark in the barn. He finds Lana there, looking mopey. Clark says he thought she had already evacuated. Meteor whaaa? Lana says she's scared. Clark says he knows this must bring back painful memories. But this time they have warning and they'll be safe. Lana says she's not so sure. She faces the camera and away from Clark. "I want you to have this," she says. Clark thinks, "Whoa, her virginity!" She digs the artifact out of her purse. Clark unwraps it. Sees the blood. Clark thinks, "Oh." "Where'd you get this?" he asks. "In China," Lana says. Lana says she thinks that, whatever it is, it somehow it belongs with Clark. See that insignia on it? That's totally Clark's avatar on Xbox Live. Lana, in a strange two-shot, says that all the times Clark asked her just to trust him is exactly like now, except Lana's now doing the asking. So that makes it all right? Clark tells Lana to go with his parents to safety. She says she can't. Lana, tears in her eyes, tells Clark that no matter what happens, she'll never forget him. It's right about here that I honestly began to believe they might kill off Lana. I'm pretty gullible, huh? Clark says she's making it sound like they're never going to see each other again. "I love you," she says, crying. It's a little late to start having chemistry with Clark, isn't it? Lana steps forward and kisses Clark. It's not awful. Lana's still about to cry when they stop kissing. Maybe it was a bad kiss. "I love you, too," Clark says. "Goodbye," she says. Me: gullible. Lana walks out of the barn holding her stomach. Cramps are a bitch.

Countdown. Nineteen minutes.

Stately Luthor Manor, daytime. Lana is using a phone just like mine to leave a message for Chloe to tell her she's all right. Lex takes the phone out of her hand and scolds her for talking to friends. Lana complains that she has to let her friends know she's all right. Lex asks if the stone is safe. "As safe as can be," she says. Lex says he'll put it in his vault. "Why?" Lana asks. Lex tells Lana that she's going to take a chopper to Metropolis until the lawyer arrives. Lex says it's best not to travel with the murder weapon. Lana insists that she hold on to it. Lex explains that it's what prosecutors call "the smoking gun." Lex tells Lana that he'll support any story of self defense she wants to use. "It's not a story, Lex," she says. She insists that she's not a murderer. "Of course not," Lex says. He doesn't really believe it, but he says he trusts her: "Now you have to trust me with that stone." Lana says she can't do that. Lex looks down. Will he be evil?

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