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Naughty Of Lies

Commercials. When a bear shits in the woods... does he use Charmin?

As-Is Foundation. On a laptop, Lois is watching a video of Chloe's engagement party. She sees herself give her horrible, selfish toast. Chloe walks into the room. She says the way Lois looks is the way she felt, too. Lois says she's so, so sorry. Lois knows she's prone to faux pas, but says this is a whole new low. Oh, I'm sure you'll go lower. Chloe says it's a close second behind the time Lois crashed Lana's engagement party. Ha! Good call. Chloe suggests Lois avoids those kinds of parties. Lois says it's not funny. "I ruined your special night!" she says. Chloe says that the party was a rousing success given what happened later. Chloe says Lois was just being honest. She just wishes Lois had been a little less public. Jeez, Chloe. Lois really doesn't deserve to be let off the hook here. She did a very shitty thing. Chloe asks why Lois didn't just tell her how she felt. Lois says that after Clark and Lana broke up and after she and Oliver went south... she became familiar with the feeling of having something close just slip away. She says she didn't want Chloe to feel that kind of heartache. Chloe thinks Lois is wonderful for thinking that. She says she wouldn't have said yes to Jimmy if she wasn't sure it was meant to be. Lois asks how she can be sure. Chloe says she can just feel it in her heart. "Sunset or dungeon, he's my guy." Well. I'm thoroughly disgusted, how about you? Lois says she's jealous. She says Clark was right after all. "He usually is. Get used to it," Chloe says. "Get used to what?" It's Jimmy in the doorway. Lois doesn't answer, but she does give him a little awkward hug as she exits. She congratulates Jimmy for joining the family and hits him hard on the upper arm. Jimmy asks what that was all about. Chloe leads Jimmy to the secret computer room and tells him that after what they've been through, they deserve an extra-long vacation. On the screens are pictures of vacation destinations. Jimmy stops her. He has a secret to reveal. He says that insane as Masky was, he had a point. He doesn't want to keep anything from Chloe. Chloe didn't think they had much to hide. Jimmy says, "I'm not who you think I am." Chloe says that the knot in her stomach tells her this isn't Jimmy embracing his inner Nietzsche. Jimmy says his parents aren't coming to the wedding. Also, they don't exist. He says his dad isn't an investment banker in Manhattan. He's a part-time mechanic and full-time alcoholic in Oklahoma City. Wow. That's a job and a half! Jimmy says he never really met his mom. Chloe asks why he'd keep that a secret. Jimmy says the city is huge, the top of the world. He made up the lies so he could fit in. Chloe asks why Jimmy didn't trust her. He just says he's sorry and that he screwed up. He's fine if she needs a break or wants out. "A guy like me doesn't get a girl like you. Life doesn't work like that," he says. Chloe looks at him softly. "Yeah it does," she says. She kisses Jimmy. Then she holds him tight. Jimmy is very relieved.

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