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Naughty Of Lies

Daily Planet. Tess is getting out of an elevator, trailed by an assistant. "What do you mean you can't find the IP address?" Tess asks. The assistant says that the e-mail (from last week?) came from a ghost router that vanished off the grid after the mail was sent. Ghost router? Wasn't that a song by Henry Rollins? I think it went like this:

Ghost Router! E-mail-sendin' HEEEERO!
Ghost Router! E-mail-sendin' HEEEERO!
Baby, baby, baby, baby, he's off of your grid!
Like the Clark, Clark, Clark, he knows what you did, yeah!

Thank you for indulging me on that one. The assistant thinks it proves Lex is still alive? Really? That's what you think, is it? YOU'RE FIRED! Pack up your shit and get OUT! Tess thinks someone is just toying with her. Perhaps that businessman, Kay Bee Toy. He's a fool. Tess tells the girl to find the crystal or find a new line of work. (Stage whisper: I think you should do both!) Tess walks into her office. Oliver is sitting behind the desk, grinning. He says it's funny she has no time to return his calls, but she has time to buy the Star City Towers right out from under him. "Business is business," Tess says. Oliver tells her this is not about business. Could we stop saying the word "Business," please? Unless you plan on making it "Business Time." Oliver gets up from the very-expensive office chair I covet and allows Tess to sit. He tells her revenge isn't her best color. "Don't flatter yourself," she says flatly. Tess says Lex taught her not to live in the past. I thought Lex did nothing but live in the past. Oliver asks if Professor Lex also taught her about deception. "Or how about obsession? I hear his class in murder is an easy A," Oliver says. Oh, Oliver, dude, get better writers. This isn't As The Arrow Flies. Tess tells him that Lex did more for the world than he ever will and that he dedicated his life to making it a safer place. Ollie shakes his head a little and leans in. He says Lex must have been more than a mentor to "Mercy." Tess doesn't answer. In fact she looks off to the left, as if thinking about it, and then tells Oliver he can get out because she's so busy. Oliver starts to leave. He apologizes instead and offers the white flag. Tess, half-smiling, tilts her head and says, "How civil." She asks if he's proposing a truce. He says yes: a truce over dinner. Over some truce juice. I know a bartender named Bruce. When he lived in Canada, he hunted moose. She tells him he hasn't changed a bit. She thinks Oliver always wants what he can't have. A little annoyed, Ollie says a dinner is sometimes just a dinner. Is that what you were thinking when you sent her a sexy dress? She tells him to pick her up at 7. "7:30 it is!" Ollie says. He exits. Tess quite enjoyed that.

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