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Naughty Of Lies

At a bakery. "She has great taste. You're a very lucky man," a baker wearing some sort of judo outfit/apron combination, tells Clark. Lois and Clark walk out, having bypassed what was probably a much tastier scene than the last one. Lois teases Clark, asking what's going to happen in real life since he's this afraid of pretend commitment. Clark again asks if they can split up to cover more ground. He thinks he'll be all right if he gets into trouble. Lois starts to call Clark cocky, but he has already zipped out of the scene, leaving her along to her crazy-lady thoughts. "What, no snarky comeback from the peanut gallery?" she asks. As a matter of fact... you fucking suck. There's my comeback. I would embroider it on a pillow for you if I knew how to do that. Lois sighs when she sees that Clark is gone. Get used to being alone, Lois. Nobody wants to be around you.

Chloe and Jimmy are still strapped into their torture chairs. Chloe asks Masky not to do this. He thinks he's doing them a favor and wishes someone had done this for him and his wife. The talking-through-the-mask thing is getting really annoying. You're not Gammorean Guard, dude. Jimmy asks if Masky hooked his wife up to one of these. "I cherished her, James. I honored her," Masky says. Well, obviously. He says he did everything he promised in his wedding vows, but she lied to him again and again. He says he could smell "Him" on her. Him who? Was it Quagmire? "So you killed her," Chloe whispers. Masky doesn't answer, but says the heart and the mouth are not always on the same page. Unless you cut them off and put them there. It's button time. Jimmy warns Masky to get the Hell away from Chloe. The electricity whines as it cycles up. He asks Chloe if she's ever cheated on Jimmy. "No," she says, emphatically. "Excellent," he responds, then goes right to the next question. He asks if Chloe is in love with anyone else. Jimmy, very nervous, tells Chloe not to answer. Masky pushes the button and jolts the Hell out of Jimmy. He screams. Chloe screams, "NOOOO!" Masky winds up the electricity again. He tells Chloe not to take advice from Jimmy. He asks her the question again. Chloe looks worriedly at Jimmy. She finally says, "No." Nothing happens. Jimmy breathes a sigh of relief. Masky is a little disappointed. "Only you, Jimmy, forever," Chloe says. Jimmy chuckles. Masky goes to a table to retrieve his tranquilizer pistol. He congratulates the two of them. "I now pronounce you husband and wife," he says. He shoots.

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