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Metropolis General Hospital. Faora and Clark walk around the halls, waiting for the medical examiner. Clark asks about the people Vala and the others experimented on. Faora says the bodies were stolen from the morgue. "When the experiments failed, they left the bodies behind for the authorities to find." That seems dumb. I mean, if you're going to be so uncouth as to steal dead bodies, it seems like you'd go the extra step to destroy them so as to not leave evidence of your experiments. Faora assures Clark that no one was killed. "That doesn't make it right," Clark says. They're having this conversation as hospital staff mill about well within earshot. Clark says Zod should never have allowed it. Faora says Zod didn't know about the tests, but Clark doesn't believe that. Come on, Clark, he's a villain on Smallville; of course he has no idea what his minions are doing. Faora gets on Clark's case for passing judgment on Zod. She tells him how Zod nearly died in Argo Valley defending them. He even went behind enemy lines to save her life, risking laser and shrapnel wounds. She has tears in her eyes. "He's always been a hero, ready to give his life to protect his people." Clark snits that Zod didn't protect Jor-El. Faora insists that Zod always thought of Jor-El as one of his truest friends. Clark thinks about this for a while and admits he never knew that side of Zod.

Daily Planet. Zod stands at the top of the basement stairs, surveying the room below. As he walks down into the room, he bumps into a man in order to steal his press pass. A little further down, he sneaks a notepad and pen from a woman's purse. He pauses, searching the room again for whatever else he can use to his purpose, and grabs a pair of black-rimmed glasses from someone's desk. Now decked out in his impromptu disguise -- and making himself into yet another Clark facsimile -- he chats up a desk jockey named Molly. I guess she's the gatekeeper for the archives? Donning an odd accent (odder than his usual, that is), he makes up some story about how he's writing an article on UFO conspiracy theorists. He even dorkily pushes his glasses back up onto the bridge of his nose when they slip. Charmed by this dashing nerd, Molly fetches him a box full of letters, most of them from Dr. Chisolm, addressed to Lois. All the envelopes have Kandorian symbols on them. Zod's thoughts go, "Veddy interestink!"

Random rail yard. Oliver and Chloe open a freight car, shining their flashlights inside to show an array of Kryptonite goodies. There are daggers with green blades, heavy artillery, vats of green goop, and an assortment of green-tipped arrows. Oliver picks up one of the daggers. "This is what you've been spending my money on? Something that could kill Clark?" Chloe explains the weapons are to protect everyone, including Clark. Yeah, remember those Kandorians who enslave the human race in the future? Oliver's all confused because he thought Chloe was helping set them up with new identities, but Chloe thought to put tracking chips in all their IDs. The music's ominous and Oliver snarks that it's "1984, the Sullivan edition." I prefer 1984: The Gilbert & Sullivan Edition, as there's more singing and dancing. Plus: pirates! She apologizes, but says she's not OK with trusting Clark again. Oliver thinks about that for a while as a man spies on them from across the rail yard. He takes pictures of Oliver and Chloe talking in the freight car.

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