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Ice to See You

The Torch office. Chloe thanks Rosycheeks for the handy rescue as he brings her some plain coffee. The future Superman doesn't mess around with froofy drinks. Some banter to the effect of Chloe's way better than that homicidal guy. And all of a sudden, it's Scooby Gang time. Chloe has already looked up a condition online that's similar to ShawnPop's. Shouldn't they get out of the building or something? The sleuth work shows a condition where the body is in a perpetual state of hypothermia. Sounds like bunk to me. "He's like a battery that can't hold his charge," Chloe says. Rosycheeks offers to take Chloe home. She tells him that almost getting killed was in no way a passive-aggressive way of ruining his date. Suspense music. "Lana!" Clark whisper-screams.

Coffee Shop. Sneaky Pete is walking a very pretty girl to a chair and he even nudges it forward for her because, damn, what a gentleman. Lana is sitting with her coffee, looking mopey. Pete tells the girl, "I'll be right back," and goes over to Lana to ask if she shouldn't be fifth-row center right now. Fifth-row center? I'm sorry, Chloe, but if I were Clark, you'd be a Popsicle right now. Pete asks where Clark is. Lana fills him in. Pete says he always thought ShawnPop was a good guy. Lana asks about Clark, and she and Pete agree that sometimes you know him, and other times he seems... "Mysterious," Lana concludes. Don't ladies like that? I mean, minus the mopeyness, the goofiness, and the tendency to buckle before green jewelry. Pete jokes, "Clark Kent, International Man of Mystery." Uh huh. Save it for open-mike night. Lana says that, whatever his reason for leaving was, it seemed important. "I can't believe there's anything more important to him than you," Pete says. Oops. Okay, that's a bad friend. Lex is a good friend. Pete, you just suck. Lana looks stunned, but just then Jocko Whitney walks over asking why she's so dressed up. Pete says he'll catch up with her later, and sidles off. Lana tells Pete he can take the limo for his date. "She's not my date. She's just a friend," Pete says. What is it with these people? Seems like the only teenagers having sex on this show are the ones who are about to die. Pete takes the limo. Jocko asks why Lana was using it in the first place. Lana asks Jocko to take her home.

ShawnPop is on a tear. He freezes a lock to get inside a gate. A sign warns of high voltage.

"This can't be happening." It's Rosycheeks at the coffeeshop, surveying the scene and realizing that Lana's left him high and dry. You know, like the Radiohead song? That he might have heard if he'd made it to the concert? It's your own fault, Clark, and I will never forgive you. The lights in the coffee shop start to flicker. Even though it has nothing to do with ice, Clark says, "Shawn," and leaves. He's got superintuition, too?

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