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Ice to See You

Omar: Yes?
Buck: Drink me, Omar. You have to drink me.
Omar: What?
Buck: It's the only keep my spirit...alive...
Omar: Oh man, I don't know. This is kinda weird.
Buck: Listen to me. Whenever you recap a show with some freaked-out ice man, I'll be there. Whenever you're taking a really long piss, I'll be there. Whenever you sweat out a really long recap, I'll be there, in every pore, helping you along.
Omar: Now you're just creeping me out.
Buck: Drink me, dammit! I'm dying!
Omar: Okay, fine. [Glug, glug, glug] Mmmm...Refreshing.

Next week: a creepy fortune teller predicts that everyone Rosycheeks loves will die. Or at least one or two people. Or maybe just a dog or a bird or something.

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