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The MB Strikes Back!

Cows! On the farm! Like birds sensing storms approaching, the cows feel intuitively that something is about to happen to Bo. In response to this emotional trauma, they go, "Mooo." Clark is in the barn talking to MamaKent. Clark is nursing his broken heart over Lex's lying to him (though he really wasn't) after three years. MamaKent says she's sorry and that she knows how hard it must be for Clark. Clark says that Kara warned him about everybody's betrayals. Clark wonders if maybe he doesn't belong in Smallville. He's a creep. He's a weirdo. What the hell is he doing here? "No. No," MamaKent says. Clark whines that he's fought Jor-El, but that it's only made things worse. He wonders if he should just go. MamaKent says that Clark doesn't have to decide right now, and that things have been hard with Pete and Lana leaving. "Lana," Clark says, showing about one-third of an emotion. This one is something close to "Alarm."

Quick cut to Metropolis International Airport, shot in the same gray/blue of the Metropolis City Lens Filter. A couple is kissing by the sidewalk as Lana schleps her own bags to the airport entrance. She looks raggedy, by Lana standards. Not even a pink scarf. Just a black stretchy top and a striped white jacket over that. Lana is stopped by Lex, who's full-on stylin', wearing a dark suit and tie. Lex says he wanted to say "bon voyage." Lana asks if he shouldn't be at the courthouse. "My father can wait," Lex says. Uh oh. This doesn't bode well for the future. So Lex is willing to risk everything against his dad for Lana? The world really has gone Bizarro. Lex says he couldn't let the last person Lana saw in town be the shuttle driver looking for his tip. What about Chloe and her dad? Lana isn't living with them anymore? Lana thanks Lex for everything. Lex says it's clear that Lana's destiny lies beyond the Smallville city limits. Far, far, beyond, where there are no TV cameras. Please let it be. Lex says he's just trying to help her get there. Lana doesn't know what she did to deserve such a good friend. Her hair is wild. Wild On...Lana's hair! Lana is glad Lex came into her life. Lex says suavely that maybe he'll run into her on the Champs Elysées. Oh, dear god, please don't let us see that if it happens. Lana asks if Lex is going to be in Paris. Lex says he hasn't been in a few years, but now he has a reason to go. Noooooo! But, then again, given how much of an asshat Clark has been this season, I'm beyond caring. Maybe Lex will fall in love with and kill Lana in the end. We can hope on the latter part, right? Lex and Lana hug. A lot, as singer-songwriter pap plays. Clark, in his decidedly-not-styling red jacket, watches from across the street. Jeeeeeaaalous? Clark, holding a white, long-stemmed rose, drops the flower in slow motion. Lex says goodbye to Lana, making her carry her own bags to the check-in. Lana looks across the street and sees Clark as cars and buses whiz by. She crosses traffic with all her stuff. Clark has disappeared. Lana looks around and sees the rose on the ground. She picks it up. The scene finally ends. Bye, Lana. Don't come back.

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