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The MB Strikes Back!

Courthouse. Chloe, looking quite fantastic in professional attire and busting out the Chloevage, spots Lex in the foyer. Chloe says that Clark hasn't shown up, and that if he doesn't appear in five minutes, the judge is going to set bail on Papa Luthor. Clark asks if Chloe tried calling Clark. At home or on the cell phone Clark may or may not have? Chloe says there's no answer. She says that something big must have happened, since he flaked on Lana, too. Lana called Chloe before she left? Wish we could have seen that. Chloe asks Lex what's going on. Lex says nothing is, but that he hopes Clark didn't change his mind. "You're his best friend. Why would he do that?" Chloe asks. And a big "fuck you" to Pete with that line. Clark walks past Lex and into the courtroom, giving him the angry shoulder and not saying anything. Big, dumb asshole, coming through!

Cut to: courtroom doors opening. The news media wants to know how Papa Luthor feels about being denied bail. Papa Luthor says it's nothing new to be in prison and to be an innocent man. Just ask O.J. Lex tries to stop Clark, who is following the media circus, but isn't being interviewed at all even though he was supposedly a very damning witness. Lex says it means a lot to him that Clark showed up. Clark says he didn't come there for Lex. He came because it was the right thing to do. Like oatmeal. "This friendship is over," Clark tells Lex. It's the breakup! Lex has been Dismissed! Elimidated! Lex looks as heartbroken as I feel. Dramatic music.

Cut to the Kent Barn. Clark is in the loft feeling lowly. He tells Kara that everything she said came true. Kara says she takes no pleasure in Clark's anguish. Now, a Toblerone: There's some interplanetary pleasure right there. Kara puts on her best "I understand" tone, and says that the people who care about Clark will miss him when he's gone. Clark mopes that ever since the meteor shower, he's brought everybody nothing but pain. Clark is the Dr. Feelgood of self pity-cating. Kara plays with Clark's hair and invites him to go with her again. Kara says "she" will ease Clark's suffering. "'She'?" Clark asks. Kara says that Clark's birth mother is waiting for him and has missed him. Oh, man, why she gotta pull out the Mama Card? Clark says that his birth mother died. "Her love...lives on," says Kara. It will also embrace him all the days of his life. He won't feel so great about it when it intrudes on his sex life. Kara puts Clark's face in her hands. She kisses him. Clark closes his eyes. Kara kisses his forehead. It didn't take much, huh? Clark says, "I'm ready." One more kiss and we go to commercials.

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