Covenant (2)

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The MB Strikes Back!

Again with the head shaving.

Fire on the ground! MamaKent is watching the fire, and it makes it look as if she's watching Chloe's house burn. She's not.

Lex clutches at his neck and falls.

Hair hitting the ground.

Lex falls, Chris Farley-style, on a glass table.

Papa Luthor stares at us. Eeeeeeevil!

MamaKent watches fire. It's a small fire in the field, but it quickly bursts into a huge Kryptonian symbol of fire. M. Night Shyamalan calls his lawyer.

Bo Duke lies unconscious inside the cave. The camera zooms in on him.

Papa Luthor and the Rat Tail that Will Never Be.

Wide helicopter shot of the Kent Farm and the burning symbol in the field. We glide away from it.

Lex clutches his neck as he writhes on the floor.

Papa Luthor is shaven. He rubs both hands across his head as the music crescendos. "Thank you," he says clearly and emphatically. No, Magnificent Bastard. For making this season watchable, I thank you.

Weird blue filter. "Kal-El. My son," Jor-El says. Clark hears the voice and looks up a bit. He's naked and curled up, covering his private naughties. "Now you shall be reborn," Jor-El says. We pull back. Clark is in some sort of smoky gay bar or something and either the light shining on him or the actual room he's in is in the shape of the Superman crest. We pull back some more as the music dies down. Everything goes to white smoke. Cut to black.

That's it! Thanks for reading another season. Read some good books, see some good movies you've been meaning to watch for years but haven't, and go outside a bit, okay? See you in the fall.

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