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The MB Strikes Back!

Cut to a sedan sitting in plain view outside. Inside, Craggy Chris Isaak is holding a pretty conspicuous black antenna dish outside the driver's side window. He's listening to Clark and Kara's conversation. Kara is telling Clark that folks will always betray him, even "the man [Clark calls his] father." "I didn't betray my son!" Bo snaps. "Quiet," Kara says, quite quietly herself. She looks to her left. "Someone's listening," she says.

As Bo asks what she's talking about, we cut to the car. Outside, Kara is superzipping toward Craggy Chris and his vehicle. He jumps, startled. "How'd you do that?" he asks. Hasn't he been investigating all this time? Where's his Mulder-like suspension of disbelief? Kara goes, "Grr" with her face. Acting! She chokes Craggy. He puts the car in Drive and takes off. Crazy Kara lets him go. Then, she appears right in front of his car as he comes to a sudden stop. "Who are you?" he asks. No answer. He tells her to get out of his way. Kara remembers a photo shoot for Low Rider magazine, and leans forward on the hood, staring straight ahead. Her hands shoot lightning-shapes fire onto the car and toward the driver. It's very Mars Attacks!. The whole car goes supernova and disappears into nothing. Kara is left with her butt sticking in the air and her palms resting on nothing. I don't know if I'm in favor of Kryptonians taking over the planet, but they can sure have our landfills. "What did you do to him?" Clark calls out, running over at normal speed. He could have stopped her, sure, but where's being the hero in that? Kara informs Clark that Craggy Chris Isaak feared him. I'm sure his fear of being turned into ultra-biodegradable matter was higher on his list of phobias. "So you killed him!?" Clark can't believe it. It's not like he's ever been responsible for the death of some bad guy. Kara explains that Craggy didn't feel any pain. MamaKent passes judgment: "She killed a man!" she tells Bo Duke. She wants to call the sheriff. Bo asks what they'll tell the authorities: "That a Kryptonian girl vaporized a federal agent?" Hee. It does sound kind of funny when you put it that way. She asks what Bo has invited into their lives. Bo explains that he really didn't think he had any other choice. MamaKent is furious that Bo made the decision without talking to her first. Bo says it was the only way they could get Clark back from Metropolis. MamaKent shakes her head and asks why he'd keep it a secret. Bo wanted to keep her from worrying about something that might never happen. Like what's happening today. Bo says he can't just give Clark up to Jor-El. "Well, we might not have a choice," says MamaKent. She says that the girl is more powerful than Clark. Like they've done any testing of that? That shuts Bo up, but good.

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