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The MB Strikes Back!

Smallville High. Chloe is inputting text straight into a newspaper column on her Alienware computer screen. Interesting pagination technique. Bo Duke is at the door. He's never been there before. Chloe asks if it's a little less glamorous than he imagined. Without being asked, Chloe says she hasn't seen Clark. "I was looking for you," Bo says. He holds up a teacup in a plastic baggie. Clark says that Chloe is good at getting to the bottom of things. He asks Chloe to run the fingerprints on the cup. Chloe asks if there's a name attached. Bo says that's what he'd like her to find: the identity of the last person to touch the cup. Chloe prods him for more information on the plot to this mystery. Bo stops her mid-sentence and asks her Chloe not to press the issue. Chloe agrees to run the prints anyway. She makes a call as Bo watches over her shoulder. She tells him it's going to take a little while. Bo exits as Chloe watches him go.

Kent Farm. A Jeep pulls up. It contains Lana, and she's got full-bodied hair. Clark goes to greet her. He figured she'd be packing for Paris. Lana says that if she packed any more into her suitcases, they'd explode. It would be like the strawberry-flavored candy in a Starburst commercial. Clark asks when she's leaving. She says noon the next day. Lana asks if Clark would mind being her Super Shuttle. Is that what the kids are calling it these days? "Sure," says Clark. Clark tries to have an emotion, while Lana displays about twenty of them. (I'm going to shut up about the acting. But Clark is being a stump here.) Lana says she knows this year has been weird. (Try "uneven.") Lana hates leaving as things aren't settled between them. You broke up! Ages ago! Settled! Clark starts to spin some bullshit, but Lana stops him. She says that when Clark invited her over for dinner, he had something important to tell her, but didn't. Lana says that if Clark has something to say to her, he should say it before she's gone. They close-talk. "Lana," Clark starts. Then Lana notices Kara standing by herself in a field, dress flapping. "Who's that?" Lana asks. Oh, crappity crap. "My cousin," Clark says in the least convincing way possible. Lana says that Clark's never mentioned her before. Shot of Kara's belly showing. Clark lies that the girl is from California. Lana says that if Clark has company, Lana can find a ride to the airport from someone else. Clark lies again: he says that even though it's hard to see Lana go, he wants to be there for her. Lana beams as she gets into her car. "We'll talk in the car tomorrow?" Clark asks. Lana doesn't respond. She just smiles and drives off.

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