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Constant Craving

A movie projector is rolling. Clark and Lana are in the front seat of a car, eating popcorn and drinking sodas from actual movie soda cups. "Lana?" Clark asks. She looks to him. "Happy birthday," he tells her. She shushes him. They're both giggly. We pan back to show Lana and Clark in a blue truck, watching a movie projected on a sheet on the side of the barn. It's a Bugs Bunny cartoon. It ends, and the Warner Bros. "That's All Folks" synergizes us out of the episode. "I…can be…your hero," Enrique warbles, playing us out. It's that "Hero" song. Man, all these playful elements. I just can't take it all. This is a sweet, but ultimately tummy-ache inducing, cheese Danish.

Next week: A rerun. But we'll soon see more kryptonite villains. You can bet on it.

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