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El Futuro

Lana run-run-runs. PM'sWB follows. Lana opens the cell phone and makes her fateful call. She trips PM'sWB as he runs down the hallway after her.

Crisis center. Pete is just standing around waiting. The phone rings. Clark superzips into the room and answers the phone before Pete can get to it. "Lana?" he asks. No, it's Pete's agent. He had a gig somewhere else, finally. Thanks a lot, you superjerk. In other news, Lana screams into the phone. The lights go out at the youth center. Outside, an electricity pole has been struck by lightning. Sparks fly. The line goes down, striking a generator. It smashes, and a power line hits some water, sending green electricity everywhere. "Clark, it's happening" Lana cries into her phone as she runs. Déjà vu, dudes! Seconds are left in the game, according to the warehouse radio. "He's got a gun!" Lana yells as she runs. PM'sWB takes a gunshot at Lana and misses.

At the youth center, more sparks are flying and telephone poles are falling. Clark does his X-ray vision and spots the generator and fallen pole outside. "Lana! Lana!" he yells into the phone. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. We zoom in on Clark as he realizes that. Commercials.

High School Reunion in Round Rock, Texas. This is about thirty-five miles north of where I live. Crazy.

Flames! On the side of the generator! Green light is running through the downed power line and into a puddle of water. Clark approaches it. He's like, "Ah ha! Electricity and water! The holy grail of time travel!" It must be 1.2 jigawatts of power in that puddle. At the warehouse, Lana runs and talks. "Can you kill me now? How about now? Better?" Lana yells into the phone, asking why Clark isn't picking up. Clark, holding the cordless phone from the youth center in his hand, picks up the power pole. He's handy with poles lately, isn't he? The electricity flare goes away. Clark can hear Lana now. For some reason, he puts the pole back down, and now he can't hear her. Got it. Electrical interference is bad. Lana makes it outside the warehouse. "You lied to me!" PM'sWB yells. "Where are you?" Clark yells into his phone. Lana tells back that she's at Walcott Storage. She runs, and is about to get shot in the back. PM'sWB pulls the trigger. Clark hears the shot. He drops the electrical pole and runs. Really, really, really, really, really fast.

CGI of rain drops and a bullet spiraling through them. We bullet-time around a more-plastic-than-usual-looking Lana. The bullet is about four feet from her. Clark bounds into the scene and takes the bullet in the chest. Wow. A bullet for Lana? I gotta question the wisdom of that one, even if he is super. We flash back to normal time as Clark is shot and Lana falls anyway. The cell phone flies out of her hand. PM'sWB suddenly collapses. Clark zips up his jacket to hide the bullet hole in his shirt. He goes to help Lana. She asks about PM'sWB. He's slumped on the stairs. Clark goes to him. Lana, for no good reason, stays behind. "You took that bullet," PM'sWB says. "That's impossible," says Clark. PM'sWB saw it. He says now he knows why Papa Luthor sent him to watch Clark. He winces. "Just a little too late," he says. PM'sWB warns Clark: "He's not going to stop. I couldn't escape him. How long do you think you can?" Yeah, but Clark doesn't have a bum liver. PM'sWB, as dictated by the show's contract for guest stars, dies painfully. Clark goes back to Lana who, I guess, didn't want to hear any of that. They hug in the rain. I taste a little bit of throw-up in the back of my throat.

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