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El Futuro

Overhead shot of Metropolis. We hear opera music. Inside Papa Luthor's office, he's got his tie off and his hair is disheveled. He listens to the opera intently. Looks at a set of papers. He looks seriously freaked out. He uses a remote to close the blinds behind him. The camera pans across the paper. At the bottom of some numbered results, it reads, "UNSPECIFIED HEPATIC DISEASE AFFECTING THE LIVER. PROGNOSIS: TERMINAL." Papa Luthor takes a shiny black box from his desk and transfers it to a coffee table. He sits before it. Takes a swig of sweet liquor from a waiting tumbler. Slowly, he opens the box. Inside, something glows. He pulls out a silver gun from the box. Holds it. Loads a bullet into the chamber. He turns it around and holds the gun to his mouth. The camera shift perspective to show us the barrel zooming toward the camera. The gun's shaft fills the frame until we go to black. Wow. Great last scene. Too bad the rest of the episode didn't measure up to that.

Next week: I'm on vacation! Hot damn! I really need it! Why am I shouting?!

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