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Storm clouds over the Kent Farm. Bo Duke comes downstairs after nine hours of watching longingly from the window as the cows get riled up by the storm. Nervous cows, mmmmm.... Anyway, he comes downstairs holding the blue and white sweater that we saw Lana get shot in earlier. Put it on, put it on! Bo tells her he knows that this old house can get drafty. It's also gayer in the summer. Chloe is talking to someone on the phone. It's Clark. Chloe informs Bo and Lana that Clark missed Poor Man's Wes Bentley on the road by a few minutes. And PM'sWB has the cell phone! No! Not the cell phone! The rates are sky-high during the week! Lana is frightened by thunder. She's sad that her death is coming true. Come on, Lana. Your death is for the greater good! Try to see the big picture. Bo bellows not to worry. He's not going to let anything happen to her. And to show what he means, he pulls out the same rifle from a cabinet that will later be used to gun her down. Comforting. Chloe puts on a red scarf and tells them that she's not helping just standing around. She plans to go to The Torch and listen to the police scanner. Couldn't she have brought that with her? Bo offers Chloe the keys to his truck. He says that they don't need her little car to get stuck trying to cross the creek. There's a creek in town? Chloe tells Lana not to worry; they have lots of time, and the game hasn't started yet. Ah yes, the game. The most dangerous game! Bwah ha ha ha ha ha! Bo puts an arm around Lana and holds his rifle. True frontier living.

"Keep me posted," says Lex Luthor in his sexy maroon shirt, just as lightning and thunder go off. He's in his lair, talking on the phone. He hangs up just as Clark walks in unannounced. Lex says that there aren't any leads on PM'sWB. "What about the serum?" Clark asks. Lex starts to take off his pants, but then remembers which serum Clark is talking about. Clark says he thinks Poor Man's Wes Bentley is going to go after more of it, since that's what's keeping him alive. Lex says that there is no more serum to find. Clark asserts himself. He says that there's no way Papa Luthor got rid of all of it. Clark figures there must be a stash somewhere.

A smooth young Asian dude (slick hair, snazzy tan coat) walks into the room. He's Detective Cage, a man I imagine enjoys playing chess right until the Endgame. We'll call him Cage Match. Cage Match says he's with Metropolis PD, and he has a warrant to search the premises. Lex must feel like Michael Jackson right now. Another police guy comes into the room with Cage. Lex really needs a doorbell. When Lex asks what the grounds are, the detective who isn't Cage says it's eight counts of negligent homicide. Damn, Lex, that sucks. Cage sits right down and says that they're going to make themselves at home. Hide the scotch! Lex tells Clark he'd better go; he doesn't want to get mixed up in this crazy evidence-for-sex deal the cops are trying to pull. Besides, Clark wouldn't last five minutes in prison. He's too pretty. Cage Match smugly says that Clark is already involved since he ended up at the scene of the crime. They need to ask him some questions, too. I hope there's no math involved, for Clark's sake. Clark and Lex exchange an erotic look. Their love is busted!

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