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Chloe at school. It's nighttime. Does she just have a key to the place? It's dark and stormy, and she's all alone. Remember when Chloe didn't used to be an idiot? Chloe turns on her computer, and shouldn't be at all surprised when Poor Man's Wes Bentley pops up and shoves a knife toward her neck. She gasps and is pushed back against the wall. PM'sWB asks where Lana is. "I don't know. I'm not her keeper," says Chloe. Who talks like that? PM'sWB tells her not to lie; he was just at The Talon and Chloe and Lana were together. "Where is she?" he demands. Chloe asks why he cares so much. PM'sWB -- who has the sores back on his face -- gulps painfully and says she has something that belongs to him. Chloe snaps that it's obviously not in the newsroom. He jabs her a little bit as she talks, right in the neck, and tells him that everybody's looking for him. Hint: he shouldn't stick around unless he wants to get shot in the head. He drags Chloe to the window and spots the truck. He asks if it's Clark's. "No. It's my cousin's," Chloe says, acting annoyed. Lois Lane's? PM'sWB tosses Chloe around a little and says he's guessing that's not what the registration will say. He asks if Lana is hiding out at her old boyfriend's house. Chloe tries to dodge past PM'sWB when he's distracted for a second, but he catches her handily. He grabs Chloe more roughly now from behind, and says she'll be able to talk to Lana soon enough.

Kent Farm. We see Bo through a rainy window. He looks wet. Bo tells Lana that when MamaKent gets home, she'll be happy to whip up one her specialties, but until then it's black coffee. Bo doesn't know how to make some toast or put together a sandwich? What a useless, useless man is Bo. Besides, MamaKent is cold kickin' it at the Oscars. Bo asks if Lana wants some honey. Oh, the Bo coffee special. Want it in a little cow mug? No, really, Mr. Kent, it's fine. Want some fresh-squeezed milk, straight from the udder? Could you stop now, Mr. Kent? A horn honks outside. Bo goes to see who it is. But before he looks, he knows it sounds like his truck. He looks outside and sees Chloe in the truck, sitting in the middle of the seat. Bo doesn't think that's a little weird? "It's Chloe," he says, like it ain't no thang. "Why isn't she coming inside?" Lana asks. Bo doesn't know. Maybe it's because Lana is about to get shot. Did you think about that? Bo tells Lana to lock the door behind him as he goes to check it out. Are you sure Clark's not his biological son? Because that's pretty dumb.

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