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Kneel Before Tess

Lois and Oliver decide to abandon all common sense to run up some stairs and onto the roof. Pimpy Rick catches up to them and shoots. Oliver makes a grunting sound like he's been shot, but maybe it's just a sound of frustration. Realizing they've been cornered, Oliver holds Lois close, trying to shield her form Rick. She buries her face in Oliver's chest. I guess if you have to die, it's a nice thing to see before you go. Pimpy Rick shoots and several bullets fly out in extra super slo-mo CGI. Clark shows up to stand between the bullets and Oliver, allowing them to hit him in the chest. He uses his heat vision to obliterate more bullets and the gun, but one bullet escapes him and makes its way toward Oliver. Still in extra super slow "bullet time", Clark plucks the bullet out of the air just before it reaches Oliver's face. Time resumes its normal pace and Rick's gun explodes, knocking him back. Clark spends several long moments glaring at Oliver, because now is the perfect time to let him know just how pissed you are that Lois seemingly chose him over you. Fool is lucky she still has her face buried in Oliver's chest. Finally, he zips away and Lois looks up at Oliver, realizing they're still alive. They embrace. Clark watches from a rooftop some distance away, his mood as dark as his Emo Blur outfit.

Luthor mansion. Tess has on a gorgeous charmeuse dressing gown that I would wear all the time if I owned it. Seriously, I'd wash my car and buy groceries in it. She sips whiskey and studies the 3D model of her solar tower for a moment before deactivating it. "You will respect me," she says, obviously recalling the events of earlier in the day. The way the expressions play out on her face make it easy to imagine she's been replaying her confrontation with Zod and imagining how else things could have gone. Behind her, the door opens and the Zane-style guard walks in. "Leave me alone," she commands him. "I'm afraid I can't do that," he says. "Excuse me?" she says, turning to face this impertinent peon. He closes the doors, shutting the two of them into the room together. He creepily starts undoing his tie and shirt collar, saying, "I had to wait until we were alone, so we wouldn't be interrupted." He advances and Tess takes a step back. Menace charges the air. He reaches into his shirt to show Tess his Kandorian soldier's dog tag. "I have a message from Major Zod: Tell me where the Blur is... or die." He smiles. Tess looks fearful, but says nothing.

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