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Kneel Before Tess

Watchtower. Chloe has just made it trough firewall #99 when Clark comes in looking for an update. She thinks she's just about there, but when she makes it through the hundredth firewall, a video of Stuart pops up: "Greetings, estimable foe, whoever you are." He says he knows whoever's been trying to hack into the system must be tired, so he advises them to just give up. He also holds his hand right up to the camera and says, "Talk to the hand," because he thinks it's still 1999. The gesture also allows Chloe to get a snapshot of his hand and analyze his fingerprints. With the prints, she's able to pull up a file that identifies him as one Stuart Campbell, aged 20, with a Masters degree from MIT. He's also interested in electric guitar and snowboarding, but that's neither here nor there. Chloe is quite pleased with herself. "Nice work," Clark tells her. As Chloe reads his file, she becomes increasingly impressed with the databases Stuart has managed to hack into. "We could do a lot with this kind of leverage," she says. A smile steals across her face as she turns to Clark. "Or maybe even get him to join us." Clark thinks Stuart's an even match for Chloe but she doesn't think so: "Please, every time I'd get close, he'd show up and block me." This gives Clark the segue he needs to talk about his love life. "I know the feeling," he sighs. He tells Chloe and seeing Lois with Oliver, and how happy Oliver looked. Chloe thinks that Clark's ability to sacrifice his own happiness for others is a weakness. She basically tells him to go for what he wants. Seems like his doing that in the past has led to some problems, but whatever. Clark thinks about it really hard for a while, then nods.

Zod is enjoying a spot of espresso at that outdoor café in Metropolis. The wee cup looks especially cute in his hand, the little handle clasped between thumb and forefinger. He sips and watches the world go by for a moment, then closes his eyes and turns his face up to the sun for a bit of a wistful bask. When he opens his eyes again, there's a plain white envelope lying next to his cup. He glances around before picking it up. There's a faint metallic rustling as he empties the contents into his palm. His expression darkens. He lifts the object into view -- it's the guard's dog tag, smeared with blood. Zod looks up and sees Tess standing across the street, watching him. She's holding a paper coffee cup, which she raises in a silent toast. I can't tell from his expression whether he's angry or impressed... or both. She quirks a challenging smile at him, then vanishes when a bus passes between them. Zod clenches his jaw. I'm going to watch that scene again even though I'm done recapping it, that's how awesome it is.

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