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Kneel Before Tess

Watchtower. Chloe is tappity-tapping at one of her computers, trying to get through Tess's firewalls. She makes it through the 27th firewall but still can't get into the computer files. Another wall goes up. We switch to Stuart's hovel of an office, where he's matching every one of Chloe's attacks with another defense. He seems quite thrilled. "That's right my hapless hacker, you have been served," he says. He doesn't have long to enjoy his latest triumph, though, because firewall #28 goes down. He's impressed, but sets up another block. Chloe back at the Watchtower is less enthused: "OK, now you made me angry." She cracks her neck like she's getting ready to throw down.

Oliver's office. Mia is zipping up her thigh-high red boots when Oliver walks by and lays a hand on her leg. She reminds him there were supposed to be no strings attached. "I'm not trying to sleep with you, kid," he tells her. He just wants his $50,000 watch back. She rolls her eyes, reaches into the top of her boot, and pulls out the pilfered watch in question. Oliver wonders why she'd want to go back to a life on the streets. She says, "You don't get it -- if I can finishing paying Rick what I owe him, then I'm done." Oliver offers to pay Rick off himself, but Mia doesn't want to owe Oliver. "I'm not that type of guy," he tries to reassure her, but she knows every type of guy and sick of them all. She grabs her purse and starts out the door. Oliver doesn't go after her, but tells her he just wants her to do something with her life she can be proud of. She turns to face him, wondering why he'd help her. "Because I know what it's like to be stuck in a place you feel there's no escape from," he tells her. She has tears in her eyes. She says if she says, it'll cost him. He shows her the clothes his staff has already bought her. It's age-appropriate sweaters and stuff. "Oh, and I hope you dress as fast as you drive, because I'm gonna need you to drop me off somewhere," he says. He tosses her the keys to the Aston Martin. Mia looks like she can't believe her luck.

Ace of Clubs. Lois sits at a table lighting candles. If I showed up for a first date and found out the whole club had been rented out just for the two of us, I'd run away screaming. Lois asks a waiter for something stronger than wine and Clark, via Lois's earpiece, teases her about her drinking. "You sound like my mother on prom night," she shoots back. She poses for the camera and asks him how she looks. "If this was prom, you'd be crowned Queen," he says. "Your date's a lucky man." She thinks he sounds jealous. I think he sounds perhaps wistful, but not jealous. She says, "All's fair in love in war," which makes Clark wonder which one it will be for the two of them. Lois practically wriggles in her seat. "It sounds like you're asking me on that second date," she says. Romantic string music plays. He asks her what she'd say if he did ask her out. "I'll tell you what I'd say," she starts, but is interrupted by the arrival of her date. "Oliver," she blurts out in surprise. He tells her he paid off her real date, who is now on his way out of the building. Lois smiles nervously. Clark watches the video feed with a frown. Comical love triangle music plays.

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