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Kneel Before Tess

In the alley behind the club, Oliver finds Mia waiting for him in the Aston Martin. He seems puzzled to see her, but starts walking toward the car. Just then, Lois shows up mostly to get caught up in the shit that's about to go down, but also to assure him she's not going to let him wander down any more dark alleys. But... that's where his car is! He tells her not to worry. "I'm all about embracing life, not trying to end it," he says. They smile at each other and hug. Over Oliver's shoulder, Lois sees Mia waiting in the car. "Is Towel Girl your driver now? Maybe your plan B?" Boy, you really think highly of him, huh? Oliver brings Lois over to the car to introduce her to Mia. Suspenseful music plays. Oliver taps on the driver's side window. For several long moments, Mia won't meet his gaze. When she finally does, it's with a whispered, "I'm sorry." Pimpy Rick comes up behind Oliver and whacks him in the back of the head. Oliver falls to the street. Lois takes a step toward him but Rick pulls a gun on her, stopping her in her tracks.

Back at the TV studio, Clark is sadly turning off the monitors. Producer lady compliments him on a great job. "Have you seen the new marketing ad?" she asks. She shows him a life-size cut-out of him and Lois, posed back-to-back. Lois looks like a Vargas pinup girl, all arched back and flirtatious smiles, while Clark looks like he's waiting for the bus. "I have high hopes for you two," the producer lady says. Sad music plays. "So did I," Clark says under his breath.

Back in the alley, Oliver has just been thrown to the ground. Mia protests to Rick: "You said you wouldn't hurt him!" And you believed him? Rick is marching Lois through the alley, his gun at her back. Lois snarks to Mia: "Tell me you didn't pick Prince Charming here over Oliver." Rick tells her to shut up. Lois spins around and punches Rick, somehow miraculously not getting shot for her troubles. She knocks Rick to the ground. His thug pals join in and wrestle Lois into submission. In the process, her earpiece falls out and is activated when it hits the ground. Rick levels his gun at Lois. Mia kicks his wrist, sending the gun flying high into the air. She catches it and aims at Rick. "I can't let you do this," she says. "Streetwalker thinks she's a street fighter," Rick says. He snatches the gun away from Mia when she hesitates. He hits her and she falls to the ground, unconscious, even though she took a much more severe beating in that fighting ring earlier. By this time, Oliver has come to and joins the fight. He takes on Pimpy Rick while Lois starts fighting the two thugs. When they go down, Lois and Oliver make a run for it. Pimpy Rick whips out a machine gun and starts firing, but somehow doesn't hit them. Clark hears the ruckus via Lois's fallen earpiece and superzips out of the studio.

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