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Down With Robot Clark

Chloe's grave. "Chloe Sullivan. 1987-2004. Beloved daughter." What about Chloe's mom? Did she show up? Lois puts down some flowers and confesses that she didn't go to the funeral. She hates funerals. Lois starts to cry. She hates herself for being weak. She knew the moment she came would make it real. She promises to find out who did this to Chloe, even if she has to do it alone. "You're not alone," says Clark. He appears, wearing a blue jacket and red shirt. Lois is annoyed that he didn't announce himself sooner. It's raining lightly. Clark is holding flowers, too. He apologizes. Lois, who's wearing a red jacket and blue jeans, gets up. She jokes that they've moved beyond the "clothing optional" phase of their relationship. Clark looks as if he doesn't get the joke. Clark remembers her: "Nicorette addiction, can't stand uncomfortable silences." Lois is impressed with his synapses. Clark says he can't explain his recent actions, but that Chloe was his best friend. Wait, WHAT?! What about Pete? And Lex? And Lana? And Meteor the Stompy Horse? What about them? Clark says that Lana's not the only one who misses Chloe. Lois says she's the only doing anything about it. Clark gets annoyed, and says he gets the feeling that Lois likes doing things herself. Lois says that her dad raised her to be independent. "That'd be one way to describe you," Clark says. Lois is amused and flirty. She says that the only thing she likes about Clark is his mom: "You can't possibly be as weird as I think you are with a mom that cool." Think again. Clark volunteers to help Lois, and offers her a place to stay while she's in town. Flirting even more over Chloe's grave. That's just low. Lois agrees. She says she doesn't pay attention to curfews, and she never makes her bed. She gives Clark some time witih Chloe. He sighs and looks at the headstone. The camera pans down a bit. Clark X-Rays the grave. We see inside that the coffin is empty. "Lois?" Clark says. "Chloe's still alive!" And...BLACKOUT!

And Season 4 is off to a...jaunty slow trot? I'm sure some interesting stuff will happen next week, but the previews only show more love triangle crap. See you then.

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