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Down With Robot Clark

That new Sims commercial creeps me the fuck out. Those little creatures running around the couch? You all like that?

Kent Barn. MamaKent is picking up the shards of her husband's photo. "I’m afraid that the answers that you're searching for won't be found in this barn," says a new voice. Holy Margot Kidder! Now, let me just preamble here. We know what happened to Margot. She knows it. We know it. Access Hollywood sure as fuck knows it. So let's not pretend it didn't happen. In fact, while we're talking about stars of the Superman movies, let's just say that the two leads haven't exactly had the greatest luck later in life. And yeah, Margot's got some dentures and her speech isn't as crystal clear as it once was, so let's put that out there, too. But she and Christopher Reeve starred in some movies that more than just about any others pretty much were it during my childhood. And that has to count for something, right? So, respect and no cheap shots here. That's it. I've said it. Now let's move on. Margot introduces herself at "Bridgette Crosby." She says Dr. Swann sent her. Margot is wearing a black suit with a wide-collared open white shirt. MamaKent wants to talk to Swann directly. Bridgette says she can understand MamaKent's reluctance to talk to someone else about Kal-El. MamaKent is pissed that someone else knows about her son. Bridgette clarifies that Clark's secret hasn't left the Foundation. MamaKent gets annoyed and says she wishes they'd never contacted Swann in the first place. Bridgette says that Clark's destiny was set long before they met. "You don't know anything about my son!" MamaKent yells from across the room. Bridgette takes a long moment. "You're right, I don't," she finally says. She says she does know how it feels to love someone with a greater calling than one's own. "You and Dr. Swann?" MamaKent asks. "In a different lifetime," Bridgette says. She takes MamaKent's hands and says she can help. "Now, where's your son?" she asks. MamaKent says she doesn't know. "He flew. He flew away," she says quietly. Bridgette says that Clark has completely embraced his Kryptonian destiny. Now he's gonna start listening to Kryptonian music and wearing Kryptonian dreadlocks and telling anyone who'll listen how The Man is always trying to keep the Kryptonians down. MamaKent asks if Bridgettte knows the destiny. Bridgettte says that the symbol burned into the Kent field three months before was the symbol for "Crusade." Couldn't they have sent the symbol for "Patty Melt" or "Keg Party" instead? MamaKent says she knows that Clark is deep in that robot body somewhere. Bridgette says carefully that the only challenge to a father's will is...a mother's love. Moms have cookies, too. Those usually win out in the end. MamaKent says she can't face Clark alone. Bridgette busts out a tiny case with a black rock in it. She says it's "Black Kryptonite." It seems a little bigger than the white Kryptonite. "You're his only hope," she tells MamaKent.

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