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The garage of Smoothness's ultimate end. Police tape Xes the garage. Clark moves the tape and goes inside. Son of Smooth walks in and asks why Clark is there. Son -- who evinces the same non-acting skills as his dad -- says he doesn't understand what happened, since his father was carrying his keys when the car smashed into him. Clark asks whether Son of Smooth knows Gary. Son of Smooth looks away. Clark asks whether Gary might have come over the night before. Clark explains what Gary's motive might have been. "That's crazy. You should leave," says Son of Smooth. Clark explains about the license plate. Son looks down, sadly. He looks away, anguished. "My dad didn't deserve this," Son says. Clark figures out that it wasn't Principal Death Be Not Smooth, but his son, who was driving the car that crippled Gary. Son of Smooth, Buttery Death says that his dad was just trying to protect him.

Sketchbook. Chloe is looking through Gary's sketchbook, and it's a book of horrors. There's a comic book that reenacts Dr. Condescension's disarming. She finds another comic-style page showing the death of Principal Rediscovered His Smoothness in the Afterlife. Gary walks in, surprising Chloe. She scrambles to put the sketchpad back in place. Turns out we're at his house. Chloe says she wanted to surprise him. She asks if he heard about the principal. "I did. That's really weird, right?" he says. Gary says that they should make the most of the time they have, and tries to kiss Chloe. She turns away. Chloe says she forgot and just remembered she's supposed to meet Clark at his house. Ooh, bad move. Gary says, rightly, that considering Clark is out of the picture, they sure spend a lot of time together. Chloe says she plans to tell Clark exactly what's going on between her and Gary. Gary is left alone. He goes back to his sketchpad, and notices that it's out of place and on its side.

The Talon. MamaKent is there with Clark; she's reassuring him that he did the right thing, turning in Son of Smooth. Clark is bummed because the dad is dead and the son is probably going to jail. Lana goes up to Clark and says that Chloe is on the phone and sounds freaked out. Lana sounds freaked out herself. Using a cell phone, Chloe -- in Clark's barn -- tells him he was right. She says she knows how Gary caused the accidents. They're not really accidents, then, are they? Just then, Chloe's cell phone whips out of her hand and flies across the room. Clark hears that and calls for Chloe. He doesn't get a response, and takes off.

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