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Barn. Camera spins around Chloe. She calls Gary's name. A door snaps shut behind her. She turns. Gary is behind her now. Commercials.

We come back and they're in the same place. Were you kept in suspense? Chloe is suddenly picked up and whipped across the room by invisible forces. She's getting a telekinasskicking. "How could you betray me? How could you betray what we had together?" Gary says. Chloe tries to run. Gary picks her up with his mind, way up to the ceiling. He lets her fall onto a box. She moans in pain, but is tenacious enough to get up and try to limp out of the room. A door closes on her. "That's what I love about you, Chloe," Gary says. "You're a fighter." Chloe's a survivor/ She'll never give up. Thought she was a weakling girl/ She was reportin', Thought she'd put you on her wall/ Her wall's retortin'. Thought she had a crush on Clark/ She diggin' Gary, Thought he was Bronson Pinchot/ He's Cousin Larry! More limping. Gary grabs a horseshoe hanging off the wall (with his mind, folks), and clocks Chloe right in the head with it. Ow, dammit! Gary approaches Chloe. He lifts a chainsaw. Spins it in the air for effect. "I'm sorry," he says, revving it right up close to the camera. This guy is way scarier than most of the kryptovillains we've seen. Clark runs in just as the chainsaw takes off toward Chloe. Clark zip in front of it. CGI! In slow motion, the chainsaw breaks into a bunch of pieces. Poor Bo Duke. Clark messes up all his farming tools. "How did you do that?" Gary asks. "You killed the wrong man!" Clark responds. Gary says Clark's lying. Clark tells him about Son of Smooth. "That is not true!" Gary yells. Clark asks how many more innocent people Gary is going to kill. "Just one more," he says. Gary throws Clark up into the hayloft. (Mind.) "You've really gotta stick those landings," Gary says. Hardy fucking har har. Clark taps Gary on the shoulder. He says Gary can't win. Then he throws Gary thirty feet into the wall, the way all good Clark battles end. Clark goes to Chloe, who is just waking up. She's got a big cut on her forehead. They hug. Chloe cries.

Hospital room of darkness. Lex enters a room where LexNanny is sleeping. She stirs. Lex puts the book -- Leaves of Grass -- on the bedside table. Isn't that the book Clinton gave Monica Lewinsky? I think we can surmise that eventually Clark will be getting a limited-edition copy from Mr. Luthor. LexNanny says that Lex is the last person she expected to see. "Why didn't you tell me?" he asks. She says it wasn't his concern. Lex says that he could get her help and good treatment. She says she didn't go to him for help or pity, but because she had nothing left to lose. She says she's ashamed it took her illness for her to find the courage to see Lex. She says she let that "bastard" frighten her into submission for so long. Um, I'm not going to make a big deal out of that, but it's a possibility that whole "bastard" thing is a teeny-tiny shout-out. If so, gracias. LexNanny says she was afraid to tell Lex how much he means to her, and how much she wanted to help him grow up. "I wish you had. I might be a better man," Lex says. LexNanny says the fact that he's there speaks volumes, and that his mother would be proud. Lex blinks a lot, pained. "I really miss her," he says in a sad, little-boy voice. "So do I," says LexNanny. Lex inhales deeply. LexNanny reaches out her hand. Lex takes it. Nice scene there.

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