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The front of the Talon. The marquee reads, "Sonnet Saturday. Free pick-up line with purchase." Here is an actual pick-up line I have actually used in real life: "If bricks were beauty, you'd be the Taj Mahal." Obviously, it didn't work out at all. Damn my fool brain! Inside, Lana is carrying a tray down some stairs. Clark and Chloe are at a table. Chloe says that Gary is at a psychiatric ward, and that the police don't know what to charge him with. She says at least he won't hurt anybody. She asks if they should do the "I told you so" thing. Clark says he wishes he had been wrong. Chloe asks what's wrong with her ability to spot trouble when it's right in front of her. Clark says she's not oblivious. She's trusting. Clark says she's strong enough to take risks, and that he admires her. Chloe smiles. She's got a big patch on her head. Clark says he still has those journalism conference tickets, and that it would be a good chance for them to spend time together. Chloe smiles big and says it's a date. Clark hesitantly takes her hand. Chloe smiles really huge. I know this may be controversial, but given the lack of homoeroticism this week, I am awarding the Gayest Look of the Episode to Chloe's smile here. And by "gay," this week I mean "happy," not homoerotic. Surprised? Clark smiles back. Hand holding. We pan up and focus to see Lana in a pink top behind the counter, looking at them as if she's being stabbed in the back with a dull knife.

Jocko Whitney walks in. Lana sees him and strides over purposefully. She says that they need to talk. Hey, Jocko, what's happening? He looks all sad and puffy, his eyes teary. Allergies? Ragweed? Pollen count? Nope. Dead dad. Oy. They don't have a good prescription medicine for that. "It's my dad," he says simply. Lana acts yet again with her conflicted, sad expression. I feel like sending her flowers all of a sudden. You did it, Lana! It only took nineteen episodes to get your acting mojo going!

Flowers on a casket. We hear a cover version of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" that is lovely and even slower than the original. This whole scene is all in blues and grays and it looks gorgeous and somber. No dialogue. Jocko's mom turns around, crying. Jocko is under an umbrella crying. Pan to Clark and Pete under an umbrella. Cut to MamaKent and Bo Duke, looking sad together. Cut to Chloe, looking chic and elegant and wearing a black beret over her wound. Jocko and Mrs. Whitney hug. Priest finishes reading, presumably from the very last page of the Bible. He shuts it, and closes the book. Jocko goes to Lana. They stand close, Lana with her fingers on Jocko's chest. Clark looks over sadly. Chloe looks sideways to see Clark staring. Jocko leads his mother to a waiting car. Lana -- looking very Katie Holmes -- continues her acting streak with some serious bummer-contemplation head moves. Somebody stole Clark's umbrella, because now he's in the rain, getting soaked, looking intensely after Lana. Lana turns slowly and looks to Clark. He's standing by a statue of an angel. Singer: "If you're lost you can look and you will find me/ Time after time." Chloe catches the look, and her eyes move downward in pain. She looks back once more to Clark and then walks away. Clark looks back to Lana. She looks as if she might mouth something, but instead she closes her lips tightly. She turns and follows Jocko and his mother. Clark is still in the rain. He looks on after Lana. Turns to the right. He walks through the graveyard alone, the weight of the world seemingly on his wet shoulders. We pan up to some low-hanging, dry branches. The music recedes as we see Clark walk through the branches. Really beautiful, well-shot, well-acted final scene. Take a bow, Smallville show people.

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