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Back to Artist Boy. He keeps marking up the doctor's hands, perhaps so that rats eat them, too. Artist Boy cocks his head and starts to smile. Evil, evil Artist Boy! Biting the hand, heals you!

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Have I mentioned that twisters are coming to Smallville? Somewhere out there, Bill Paxton is crying. Not because of this or anything related to it. I just think he's crying.

Smallville High School. Someone in the props department finally got them to put up a Smallville High School plaque on the building. Underneath it is a red "Smallville High Career Day." So, props to the props department. Close-up on Clark in the gym. "I see you in a uniform, flying," we hear somebody say. We cut to a sharp Asian dude in dress blues. "You ever considered a career in the Air Force?" Clark looks puzzled. He says he'll think about it. I was an Air Force brat, folks. Clark could do a hell of a lot worse. Clark finds Pete, who's smiling big. Pete says he just landed a job in Mayor Siegel's office for the summer. Note: Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel shout-out. Pete was supposed to help his mom, a "Judge Ross," but now Pete says she can get some poor KSU student to help her. Pete asks who'd want to work with their parents all summer. "Yeah," Clark sighs wearily. Clark turns around and asks if Pete knew about Principal I Can't Believe I Ever Thought The Man Was Smooth's son, who is the Air Force guy. Pete says the Air Force must have seemed like a vacation after living at home and facing The Wrath of Kwan. (Psych. He didn't say that. He's not that clever.)

At this point, Chloe walks up. She's dressed in a khaki shirt and red business suit. Clark compliments her, and she says she was going for a professional look. She just came from the Daily Planet booth, and she's stressed because they only pick four high-school interns. She's lucky. Most papers only take college interns. Chloe says they have five hundred applicants, and she's worried that she won't get an interview. Clark says that there's always The Inquisitor, and that Lex would put in a good word. As she passes a Polaroid booth, Chloe says that she'll work at the Planet even if she has to deliver coffee to the Classifieds department. Pete asks about Chloe's trip to Metropolis this Saturday. Clark asks what Chloe's doing there. Oops. Chloe stops and reminds Clark that they were both supposed to go to a journalism conference for which he was supposed to sign them up. He's not very super when it comes to remembering things, is he? Clark says he forgot, because he's been at the Talon all week working on a history project with Lana. The History of Love? Or maybe, The History of Non-Acting Girls With Preternaturally Pretty Faces? There's a whole section of their project on Pia Zadora. Chloe bitches that everything else becomes less important when Lana is involved, and that Chloe and Clark haven't spent any time together lately. "Whenever Lex and Lana are around, it's like the rest of us don't exist," she says, and storms off. I like how she threw Lex into that mix. Clark asks why she's being hypersensitive. Chloe turns and says that most men are from Mars, but that Clark is from some distant galaxy she's never heard of. Heh. Clark asks Pete why Chloe's being so nutty. Pete comments on Clark's lack of observational skills, and says that Chloe wants to spend a day with Clark uninterrupted. Pete adds that Chloe wants to ask Clark to the Spring Formal. "But that would be like a..." Clark sputters. "'Date'?" Pete finishes. Pete says that if Clark took off his Lana-blinders, he'd see that Chloe likes him. Clark is stunned. Stunned, I tell you!

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