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The offices of The Torch. Chloe is looking at a colorful comic strip and telling Gary Tru-d'oh! which is her favorite Flaming Crow comic strip. Clark enters, knocking on the door, which is open. "Hey, guys!" Clark bellows, and says hi. Chloe asks Clark if he remembers Gary. Clark asks how Gary is. Gary says he's taking it day by day. Clark asks whether Gary remembers who hit him with a car. Gary says he couldn't help the police much because he couldn't remember anything helpful. He only remembers part of the license plate: "DDI." Chloe says they should look into it. Clark says they should call the police. Wouldn't he have already told this bit of info to the police? Chloe cuts Clark off and says that if they find something, they'll pass it on to the authorities. Awkward silence. Clark says Lex scored them two tickets to the journalism conference. Because Lex has all those student journalism contacts. Chloe says that Gary already signed them up, and that she's going as Gary's guest. Gary offers that all three of them can go. Chloe abruptly says no: "Clark's not that interested in journalism anyway," she says. Word. Clark gives her a hurt look. Gary gathers his stuff, preparing to leave, and drops everything on the floor. Clark helps Gary pick up his things, and finds an interesting newspaper clipping: "Going down! Doctor loses hands in freak accident." That is the worst headline layout I've ever seen. It's two-and-a-half lines in all caps. Yeesh. Even if it is The Inquisitor, it's still pretty incompetent-looking. Gary snaps the paper back and thanks Clark brusquely.

Kent Farm. Outside. We pan across a bunch of huge sunflowers. Lana knocks on the screen door and comes in. She asks Clark if MamaKent's around; Lana wants to order more of her pies. Whups. Clark went all Jason Biggs on them in a fit of superpuberty. Clark says that MamaKent's at a class, but that he can help her. Lana says she didn't expect to see Clark around, and that she thought he'd be helping Chloe at the paper. "She has enough help," Clark snaps. Lana asks if Clark and Chloe are still fighting. Clark asks how she knew. Lana says she caught some of it at the career fair. Even though she wasn't there at all. "What's going on with you two?" Lana asks. "Chloe likes me," Clark says. Musing music plays. Lana asks how Clark feels about Chloe. Clark says that he thinks they could be more than friends. Lana gulps. Clark says he saw Chloe with Gary Tru-d'oh! and got... "Jealous," Lana finishes for him. She looks nauseated. Clark says that when you find out something like that, it colors everything. Lana says that sometimes the right person can be right in front of your eyes and you don't even know it. I can't believe it. She's...she's...ACTING! Brilliant! Clark smiles. He and Lana look at each other. She half-closes her eyes. Clark changes the subject and asks how many pies she wants. "Dozen," she says, as if it's the last thing in the world that matters. Wait...she's...she's...ACTING AGAIN! Holy crap! Two line readings in a row! Clark asks about Jocko Whitney and his dad. "He's great," Lana says, putting actual emphasis on actual words in sentences from the script. I think I may learn to love this new acting Lana. Or at least not want her banned from participating in human speech. Clark asks if Lana's fine. She says, "Never better," and adds that she hopes things work out with Clark and Chloe. "Me too," Clark says. Lana leaves. This scene was slow, but not bad at all.

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