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Torch. Gary has drawn a pencil sketch of Chloe that looks very accurate. He picks up a pencil and tries to work on it, but he just makes an ugly, curvy line though it. He slams his pencil in frustration. Tears the paper off the easel. We see several pencils moving gracefully on a page, drawing. Colors. We pan back to reveal an airbrushed-looking portrait of Chloe and she looks...what's the word? Slutty! But hot! We pan back some more and see that three colored pencils and an eraser are all moving in the air, working on the slutty drawing. Gary looks at his psychic minions and smiles.

Commercials. I saw Star Wars: Attack of the Clones this week. Nobody stood up and cheered, and I don't think snack foods would have helped either.

Hallway at school. Clark's looking for Chloe. He asks Pete what he thinks of Gary. Pete likes him fine, but doesn't know him very well. He warns Clark about sounding jealous. Clark shows Pete the newspaper Gary dropped earlier. It's unclear whether it's the same newspaper, or if Clark just hunted down a copy of it, which seems more likely. Pete reads the headline. "So?" he asks. Clark says it was Gary's doctor, and that it's weird Gary's carrying that newspaper around. "I liked the tragic irony," we hear. It's Gary! He walks up to Clark and asks if he always talks about people behind their backs. Sometimes Clark does it to their sides, too. Gary calls Clark on his shit by saying that, now that somebody else is in the picture, Clark has finally decided to notice Chloe. "You had your chance with her," Gary warbles. "Now you let me have mine," he says. Sounds like the poor guy's drowning in his own phlegm. He walks off. To spit, I hope.

Stately Luthor Manor. Lex walks into one of his many rooms and finds Pam standing there, examining an expensive-looking book. He asks what the hell she's doing there. She says she wanted to see what kind of man Lex had grown into. A sexy one. And busy. Lex tries to throw her out. She calls him "Alexander" and says they were close once, and that he was like a son to her. Lex sharpens up a pool cue with some blue chalk and says that she was an employee paid to watch him while his mother was dying and his dad was out on business. "I loved you like my own," LexNanny says. She says that after the meteor shower, she was the only one who didn't look at Lex differently. Lex spikes the cue ball. His voice shaking, he says that she doesn't have the right to waltz back into his life, even if she knew him when he was in a vulnerable place. He says he's changed. "What do you want from me?" he asks. She says she wants him to know the truth. He shoots again. He accuses LexNanny of lying to his mother on her deathbed. LexNanny says that Papa Luthor sent her away after Mama Luthor died, and that he threatened to disinherit Lex if LexNanny showed up again. LexNanny says that Papa Luthor wanted Lex to be his son, not Mama Luthor's. Lex asks why LexNanny's there now. LexNanny says that she wanted to see whether he was being true to himself in spite of Papa Luthor. She also wanted some forgiveness. Always something, isn't it? Lex coldly tells her that she'll have to grant it to herself. Like a shopping spree or a Healthy Choice Dinner for One. She leaves. Lex looks upset.

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