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Immortal Begrudged
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It's a full moon in Smallville. And you know what that means...don't you? Because I really don't. We haven't seen a werewolf around here in a while. It's pretty, though. We pan down to the neon lights of the Talon's marquee. It just reads, "Karaoke Tuesdays." The marquee's not even trying anymore. I hate you, marquee. Inside, Chloe sits, looking so grim that it's almost a put-on, like she's trying to make a Jerri Blank face. Jimmy, holding two orange coffee cups and a plate with a muffin on it, says it must be true love if he's willing to fight caffeine-pumped preppies to get these treats for her. No. Not so much. Chloe says her inner chocoholic is going to hate her, but she's not really wanting that melted mocha muffin. Damn, that sounds good. I'll take it! Just toss it over here. No? All right, I tried.

Jimmy is sure something's up, but he's got more ammo in his love quiver. He shows Chloe two tickets that he scored for a concert. It really, really sucks that no band or artist is mentioned. These are just random tickets to Some Huge Concert. At least back in the day, Clark was cool enough to try to go to a Radiohead show. Is it that hard to just make up a band that Jimmy and Chloe would both want to see live? Chloe thinks he must have paid a ton for these "tickets." Jimmy says she's worth every dime. Jimmy thinks that a night on the town together may be just what the doctor ordered. Dr. Anonymous Musical Act. Chloe notices someone up by the counter, and her smile immediately fades. It's a girl with glasses. Jimmy says that Chloe is doing "that distant thing." The girl at the counter notices Chloe and makes a quick exit. Chloe tells Jimmy that she thinks an old friend just buzzed into town. Ah ha ha! Buzzed! Because it turns out this is Bee Girl from Season One's "Drone" episode. Chloe tells Jimmy to wait inside and goes after her. Jimmy sighs. This shit's getting old.

The Talon back alley. Chloe is calling someone on her cell. It's Belle Reve. She tells the person on the line that she thinks one of their patients is missing: Sasha Woodman. The person on the line doesn't seem to know the name. "Has a thing for bees?" Chloe tries. The person agrees to check the records. Chloe hangs up when asked for her name. "I didn't escape," Bee Girl says. She appears right behind Chloe, who holds up pepper-spray canister and tells Bee Girl to back off. Chloe threatens to go Black Flag on her ass. Bee Girl asks if she knows Chloe. Chloe reminds her that during freshman year of high school, Bee Girl tried to go "Queen Bee" on Chloe and tried to kill two of her friends. Three if you count MamaKent. Sasha the Bee Girl says she doesn't belong in Belle Reve and that she's no longer a meteor freak. Chloe flinches. "I've been cured," she says. So Bee Girl was actually Beefore Girl. This is now After Girl. Sasha pulls back her hair to show a small scar on her left temple. She says she had an operation a few weeks ago. Chloe asks who the doctor was. "Curtis Knox," Sasha says, lighting up with an obvious crush. Sasha doesn't remember what happened to her. The last six years of her memories are blank. Sasha apologizes for anything bad she might have done. She walks away down the scary alley by herself.

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